How to Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan in 3 Easy Steps

The keto diet, is a popular diet that has helped 000’s worldwide lose their excess weight and live a healthier life. There are numerous reports and televised interviews revealing individual success stories from people who have benefited from the keto diet for weight loss and to improve their health and lifestyle. In this post I reveal how to get your custom keto diet plan in 3 easy steps. Firstly let’s quickly recap on what the keto diet is and how does it work. Below this quick recap are links to get your custom keto diet plan in 3 ways.

The keto diet (short for ketogenic diet) was originally developed by trial and error as a means to feed patients suffering from mental health problems – patients that were starving through (and following) a seizure. Doctors discovered that a diet rich in saturated fats improved brain health and cognitive abilities whilst also supplying essential nutrients to the brain.

Ketogenic diets work by reducing all unnecessary carbohydrates from your diet and encouraging the body to release ketones from the liver for use as an alternative fuel. By reducing the carbohydrate intake to a minimum, you can then begin the process of reducing water retention and burning off that excess / stored fat.

During this process the diet protocol also helps increase your metabolic rate and fat burning potential – through the increased ingestion of health giving micronutrients.

While the Ketogenic diet is a great diet for weight loss and to alleviate many health problems, the Custom keto diet is also personalised to Your Own lifestyle and nutritional needs (as discussed in the video).

Further studies revealed the metabolic process of ketosis actually helped people to lose excess fat….

How Ketosis Causes Weight Loss

Ketosis happens when our bodies are effectively starved of carbohydrates. Normally, carbohydrates are converted into glucose for distribution to our muscles for energy, electrolytes for hydration and bones for strength. Excess carbohydrates are then stored as fat deposits. But we only need a limited supply of carbohydrates to perform these functions.

By reducing the carbohydrate intake, the body becomes starved of carbohydrates and turns to the stored fat as a source of energy – stage #1 of the fat loss process. During this process, the body is signalled to release ketones (a form of fat) from the liver as fuel for the body to replace the glucose sourced from the reduced carbohydrate intake. Ketones do not contribute to fat storage.

The Custom Keto Diet: A Personalised Ketogenic Diet Plan

The problem with many diet plans (including ketogenic diet plans) is that they can be rigid in format and not respective of your individual dietary needs, preferences and lifestyle. Many diet plans also force you to source your own nutritional needs and meals which can be frustrating if you do not know what you actually need and / or how to shop or prepare the meals.

That is why the Custom Keto Diet was created – it’s a tailored approach to the ketogenic diet that is personalized to your individual needs and goals. This allows for a more sustainable and effective weight loss journey. Keep reading to learn more about how the Custom Keto Diet can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

How to get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan in 3 Easy Steps….

Fortunately, Rachel and her team of keto experts have created a number of ways for you to get your custom keto diet plan…..

Optional Step #1 : Personalised Keto Diet Intro Page

Visit our hosted personalised keto diet intro page to provide Rachel and her team with insights into your lifestyle and dietary needs. Use of these links will lead you to the official sales pages for the custom keto diet on clickbank (Fat Loss Quest does not handle transactions for 3rd party products – you will be directed to the vendors official page on clickbank for that).

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 - personalised keto diet plan
How to Get Your Custom Keto Diet plan – Watch this video to Get Your Personalised Custom Keto Diet Plan

From here, they will provide you with a customised ketogenic diet plan based around your own personal food / nutritional requirements and your lifestyle.

Optional Step #2 : Take the 7 Day Trial (Highly Recommended)

Alternatively, you can take their 7 day trial for Just $1:00. This way, you can test the custom keto diet without any risk and potentially lose 7 -10lbs in your first week as many keto dieters do. If the diet is not working for you, you are welcome to discuss any issues you have with their team of experts to come up with a more personalised diet plan for you.

Optional Step #3 : Take the Custom Keto Diet Quiz

Visit their quiz page to determine the best diet plan for you with your own nutritional needs and preferences taken into consideration together with your lifestyle. For diets to be truly effective, they need to work within your nutritional interests and lifestyle.

How to get your custom keto diet plan in 3 easy steps - take the custom keto diet quiz

Option #4 Download our Free Keto Diet Recipe Book

Want to learn more about the custom keto diet before taking the big step? Download our free keto diet recipe book created by Rachel and her team of expert keto chefs and nutritionists to gain a sample of the delicious and easy meals they have in store for you.

How to get your custom keto diet plan in 3 easy steps - download our Keto Recipe book full of deliciously easy keto recipes

Claim your Free Copy of 19 Deliciously Easy Keto Recipes by Rachel Roberts.

19 Deliciously easy keto recipes from light and delicious snacks and milkshakes to hearty beef casseroles. There’s no starving on the custom keto – just pure and healthy nutrition to fuel you up, burn that excess fat and improve your health.