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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of fast and natural weight loss and transform your life? Look no further! Fat Loss Quest.co.uk is your one-stop resource to learn how to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently – the ultimate goal . Whether you’re a beginner or a yo-yo dieter, we’ve got you covered with expert nutritional information to guide you through the preverbial maze of weight loss from core nutrition, calorie counting to fat burning / fitness workouts.

Why Choose Fat Loss Quest?

I created fat loss quest following 2 prominent events in my life:-

  1. My own successful weight loss diet – a method that caused me to lose 28lbs excess body fat and 8″ belly fat in just a few weeks I remember it well – I had to buy a brand new pair of Calvin Klein Jeans – they were the only brand that provided mens adult jeans in a size 28″ waist!! That was back in 1997 just after my divorce and without All the knowledge and internet resources we have today. A long time ago but my permanent weight loss protocol has stood the test of time. And that was without All the knowledge and internet resources we have today.
  2. From the applause from my fiancee’s diabetes consultant as I helped my fiancee her improve her diet and reduce her HBa1c from Over 100 down to ~45 within months during her pregnancy.

Fat Loss Quest is here to guide you in making the best choices in nutrition and weight loss.

Fat Loss Quest aims to provide all relevant information about nutrition and weight loss in order for you to learn how to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently just as I have.

Comprehensive Knowledge:

My blog is aimed to be your ultimate source of knowledge about natural weight loss through diet (and exercise). I’ve gathered the most up-to-date and accurate information to ensure you have everything you need to succeed including answering many questions about natural weight loss (I don’t believe in supplement tablets for weight loss (we need more than a few grams of nutrients to lose weight effectively and keep it off).

To learn how to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently we must learn what it really takes to do just that. It is not just about diet or exercise. Either of those will help you lose weight. Learning how to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently will take understanding, effort, sacrifice and commitment to a healthier way of life. Not just for 7 days, 7 weeks or months, but for the rest of your life.

It is my mission to study the latest in medical and nutritional research and evaluate the various options for natural weight loss for you – and there have been some major changes in nutritional science, lifestyles and fitness that change the way we lose weight :-

How to Guides..

  • How to Lose Weight (discover and evaluate the various weight loss methods available including Bariatric Surgery)
  • How to Lose Belly Fat. Belly fat is typically the first place we store our excess fat. Learn how to lose belly fat here

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Metabolism is key in an effective weight loss protocol. Slow metabolisms burn fat slowly and may result in a longer period before you see viable results. The human body has various physiological systems to control your metabolic rate..

Nutritional Information

Many believe all nutrition is equal!! They say we need any and all carbohydrates, that plant based nutrition is better than meat based. Humbug – Science and nutritional research has proven them wrong!! Plant based proteins do not have all the beneficial proteins meat based sources have.

Not ALL Nutritional forms are beneficial to our health. In order to boost health and weight loss we need Beneficial Nutrition – Nutrition that actively helps us every day to burn fat, reduce / neutralise / remove toxins from our body and to help keep our fat cells (Adipocytes) clean and effective to permit efficient energy processes. Effective and efficient energy processes allow us to burn more fat – even while we sleep.

In this deep and complex topic, I am to provide you with the best, most up to date information on beneficial nutrition to help you on your weight loss journey and towards better overall health….

Before we get into the “nitty gritty” of weight loss, we need to learn a few facts about nutrition but most importantly -YOUR WHY!! In any activity we pursue we have a why – a justification for our commitment to that cause. We go to work to earn money to pay our bills, right. Likewise, we need justification for our weight loss endeavors. Our WHY!

Why do you want to Lose Weight? What are Your Reasons to Lose Weight?

12 reasons to lose weight

What’s Your Why?

In this post I delve deep into the reasonings behind losing weight. From employment through to family, financial, social and health reasons there is a reason to lose weight.

fat loss vs weight loss comparison

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

What is the difference between fat loss and weight loss? Here I delve into the myths of fat loss vs weight loss to clarify a few misunderstandings on the subject.

By learning the difference between fat loss and weight loss we can understand the process of gaining fat, how to lose fat, be better prepared for our weight loss journey and make better decisions on the foods we eat.

how to lose weight - here are 7 ways to lose weight

How to Lose Weight – 7 Ways to Lose Weight

If you’ve been wondering how to lose weight, this article is for you. “7 Ways to Lose Weight” sheds some light on the various ways to lose weight. On my latest count, there are 7 different ways to lose weight – not all of them healthy or beneficial to our overall health, and No 7 should be avoided at all costs. Here are the 7 ways to lose weight.

How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

One of the first places fat is stored on the body – belly fat is typically the first sign you are storing excess fat. The abdominal area is our go to zone for storing fat for use as energy. It is also a signal we are overeating.

Learn how to lose belly fat here.

Selenium benefits for men include weight loss aswell as improved reproductive health.

Selenium Benefits

Weight Loss through healthy eating brings many benefits for both men and women – including reproductive health and overall fitness. Selenium is part of that process!

From supporting thyroid health and metabolism through to immunity, selenium plays a very important role in our holistic health and our weight loss endeavors.

In Selenium Benefits for Thyroid we look at the importance of diet and specifically selenium levels in our diet to improve our thyroid health and that of our metabolism, immunity and holistic health.

how to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently - selenium rich foods for thyroid and metabolic health

Sources of Selenium

Weight loss and Healthy eating need not mean starvation. There are numerous food sources that can provide the essential nutrients. Fish and shellfish (while high in Selenium) are not the only sources. Here are the Top 20 Sources of Selenium

how to lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently - amino acids

Amino Acids.

These essential nutrients play a multitude of roles within the human body – including the supply of elemental protein strands that help keep our body and skin in tip top condition.

Amino acids are the core nutrients in the creation of proteins, elastin and collagen for young and smooth skin appearance. But that is just 1 of the many functions of amino acids!

By understanding the importance and benefits of amino acids we can boost our metabolism, holistic health and improve our appearance.

Here are the 9 Essential Amino Acids, the non-essential amino acids and their benefits.

Essential fats for health and weight loss

Fats for Fat Loss?

Over the last few decades fats have had a tough time with the health authorities criticising their “apparent” cause of obesity and decline in cardiovascular health. The truth is somewhat different – We have been lied to by the health authorities and ignorant health professionals.

In this post I uncover some of the truths behind fats and especially essential fatty acids.

How to lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently - Dietary fats and saturated fats form a large part of the massai tribes diet.

Dietary and Saturated Fats

Research continues into the health benefits of saturated fats. Why are the Massai Mara tribes so lean and healthy when they live on mostly animal fats?

Here I reveal more facts and truths behind the saturated fats saga.

Special Report:

How a Simple “Customised Diet Plan” Gave Me My Life Back

Special free report about a simple customised diet plan that can transform your life as it transformed Katy’s. If you’re suffering from the weight gain from “middle-age dom” (as most of us do) and struggling with weight loss and want to regain your former self, then please read on to learn how Katy regained her life from the clutches of “middle-age dom” and obesity…

Katy Thompson -How a customised diet plan got my life back

I managed to stay fit and healthy when I was younger. In college, I loved nothing more than wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my friends.I still remember all the guys “looking” my way. Even though I acted like it bothered me, I can admit now getting all that extra attention felt really good.I never imagined that as I got older, I would miss the “good old days” of guys hitting on me. But, there I was. My marriage lacked the “fire” it once had. I stopped being “intimate” with my husband.

I lost more pounds than I ever dreamed I could at my age and so quickly.”

Keto diet faq. what is the keto diet and how does it work

Keto Diet Wiki

Here I answer many questions about the keto diet and its many claimed benefits from weight loss, boosting immunity, mental health, keto diet foods list

keto diet benefits

Keto Diet Benefits

If you’ve been considering the keto diet to lose weight and / or improve your health, you’ll want to read this post. I have taken my studies into the keto diet to its first beginnings as a natural treatment for epilepsy, the nutritional science behind the ketogenic diet and all the way through its many transformative developments.

Discover the transformative power of the keto diet with these 8 keto diet benefits. One of the most sought-after advantages is weight loss through its reduced carb intake and embracing healthier fats leads to a naturally slimmer you.

custom keto diet review - does this personalised keto diet work

Custom Keto Diet Review

Struggling to Lose Weight? This Custom Keto Diet Review Can Help. In this review we will be looking closely into the custom keto diet, compare it with the standard keto diet to evaluate its true potential and answer the question: can it help you lose weight fast, naturally and permanently