My Weight Loss Journey and The Benefits Gained from it..

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Hi, Phil Here – Founding owner of Fat-Loss-Quest.co.uk,

Divorced after 7 years of existential marriage, I was lost in the struggle to find a realistic weight loss plan. A plan that would help me to lose weight and keep it off – naturally.

As a young lad, I led an active life pursuing my passions (photography, travel and angling). Marriage came with the inevitable relationship commitments (and restraints). Work – home – cook – tv and then bed. Rinse and repeat day-in-day-out. A predictably boring and uninspiring “run of the mill” existence rife with the usual sedentary marital existance. Stress levels elevated resulting in the inevitable divorce.

Crippling child maintenance payments continued to drain my meagre income. With limited options it was decision time….

Sink or swim – Live or Die? Life was literally – ‘in the balance’. On the edge of destruction. In reality – there was only 1 answer – SWIM!

I had 2 children that needed me and a family that wanted me around – just 2 reasons why I wanted to lose weight.

So it was to be a fresh start, starting with the lifestyle and losing the excess fat. My own fat loss quest! A quest to lose the excess weight and live a healthier life

The 8” of belly fat and the surplus body fat I had gathered over the 8 years of marriage had to go. Even though I was working in a manual position, the settlement of marriage (and the diet) had caused substantial weight gain.

Chopping fresh fruit and vegetables for a healthy meal rich in beneficial nutrients. #healthyeating
Fresh fruit and vegetables provide a nutritious meal and healthy eating lifestyle that melts excess fat while increasing our resilience to modern illnesses (many caused through poor dietary choices)

I wanted to get my ‘slim n trim’ physique back. With little weight loss information available, I had to resort to a ‘grass roots’ approach. That grass roots approach would rekindle my passion for cooking once again. Healthy, home cooked food without the ‘stodge’ of heavy carbs or pre-packaged factory processed food.

Whilst I began losing the fat (around 1lb/wk), I wanted to speed up the process and rebuild my muscular fitness. Embarking on an exercise regime along with the diet, the fat melted off faster and my new 6 pack revealed itself in a few short weeks.

Life can deal us a roller coaster ride – in the dark! We never know what is around the corner or how our lives will change. We have 2 choices.

Give in to the restraints and hardships, turn to comfort eating and become an obese coach potato waiting for the inevitable poor health to surface – (chronic obesity leading to cardiovascular disease, poor lung health, poor mental health, infertility, prostate cancer, bowel cancer…)


Fight for a brighter healthier future – a better job, new outlook or new relationship. Or ALL 3?

You see, when we gain weight it is as if we’re carrying millions of balloons inside of us that keep filling up with water. Every time we eat the wrong foods those balloons grow – trapping all the beneficial and toxic chemicals inside. If we keep doing this, eventually we become tired, drained of energy and crushed by the weight of these balloons.

I would never have dreamed of having a fiancee half my age, let alone have a new daughter at 53. Neither would I have been fit enough to care for and provide for them at the age of 58 (3 more reasons to lose weight).

If I hadn’t made that decision to “burst those balloons”, get fit and healthy once again, I may not have been here today. Nor would I have had the joy of watching my children grow up.

Applying Skin Care Nutrition Research as a Portrait / Fashion Photographer

Since that fateful day (over 22 years ago), I have been engaged in a variety of roles including semi-pro fashion and portrait photographer. A portrait /fashion photographer who had to teach his subjects / models how to wash their faces properly to improve skin complexion. Additionally, to utilise my study skills and research effective natural ways to improve their skin complexion. Research that resulted in an article covering the health benefits of Mango and how this tropical fruit can improve skin and facial complexion rapidly and cost effectively.

Mango : This delicious tropical fruit is high in micronutrients. Micronutrients that help improve skin complexion and make you look and feel much younger without the high cost of topical facial creams.

Image : Adobe Stock / Viktar Malyshchyts

Fast and effective skincare from natures own larder!

All these life experiences coupled with my diligent and studious research helped me to learn many truths about weight loss – and uncover many lies.

Fat Loss Quest was created out of a need to help my T1 Diabetic fiancee to gain better control of her blood sugars and to reduce her hba1c count through her pregnancy with our daughter and with her consultant’s applause at me losing weight and keeping it off for the previous 15 years. 3 months later her hba1c count had dropped to below 50 from Over 100 through natural healthy eating! I could help her to improve her health and that of many others, including you!

Fat Loss Quest is here to help guide you through the maze of weight loss methods and programs through my own experience and up to date research. More importantly to reveal to you effective methods on how to lose weight and keep it off together with the holistic benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

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