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 How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

                      – My Own Story!

How I Lost Weight and kept it off – for good!                      

Way back in time as a teen (and even pre-teen) I led a relatively active life with hobbies from military modelling to coarse angling and photography. Not to mention being the main fruit picker who was required to climb to the top of any one of 14 fruit trees during the harvest. As you can imagine they kept me pretty busy not forgetting the 3 mile walk to school everyday or cycling to my friends house at weekends – a round trip of around 10 miles, cycling around with other friends to neighbouring villages and beyond.

Crisp and fresh apples - part of your fat burning diet
Crisp fresh apples, pears, and berries formed part of my natural healthy eating

I wasn’t overweight by any means. To be honest, I was the ‘skinny one’ in our family and knew about it. Don’t get me wrong – I had a healthy appetite. If we had a barbecue in the back garden it would be a generous affair with lots of salad, rice, potatos, various meats……. More than enough for a healthy family of 4 plus dog. It wouldn’t have been a normal ‘barbie’ if I didn’t go round the table a couple of times for second helpings, or even thirds!! It was during these formative years I had noticed the majority of both my immediate family and secondary relatives (aunts, uncles etc) were notably stouter than myself.

Indeed, on at least one occasion noted an excess amount of saturated animal fat in the roasting tin. It was this vision that really sparked my interests in eating a healthier diet – away from all the excess animal fats. Whilst I would argue that animal fats can be beneficial, excessive amounts are not. One phrase ingrained in me by my dear mother – “everything in moderation” was observed – especially when applied to food. Pity I didn’t heed that notion during my physical exercise later on!

Subconsciously, I had placed myself on a mission to eat healthily without being fanatical. I was not to be a vegetarian or vegan when it came to diet – just good habits of eating relatively wholesome foods. Indeed, at the age of 15 I was stir frying Chinese food inspired by watching the new trend of Chinese food coming to the fore by the legend that is Ken Hom.

I had a wok, Ken Hom’s book and several other cookery books to hand enabling me to provide an alternative, tastysalmon steak with a healthy side salad and varied menu to our diet – chow-mein, sweet and sour dishes including sweet and sour kidney flowers, steamed fish……the list goes on. Chinese food, Indian curries, Italian dishes, French, Mexican in amongst our regular British dishes – roasts (typically with a selection of root and brassica vegetables (cauliflower cheese, leeks in cheese sauce…..). The list of international cuisines featured regularly in our diet providing an eclectic mix of healthy cuisines prepared in a healthy manner – from raw ingredients. With this great variety of foods (including some that are designated less healthy ie pasta) our individual body weights grew but not ….excessively.

I stayed relatively lean, perhaps in part due to the active lifestyle I was involved in. Being an active contributor to the household chores aswell as my own activities had it’s impact on my weight. Preparing a main meal (of my own volition and designation) would involve a healthy fat burning mile walk into town, then back followed by hours energetically preparing and cooking the meal.

A point of note, many people complain about the amount of effort it takes to create a decent meal – yet that very effort contributes to your individual fat burning process. Yes, we need to consume food for nutrition and our daily energy intake, but the main lesson here comes from physics and the laws of energy conservation. Energy cannot be destroyed – but changed from one form to another. Consuming more energy than we expend has to result in energy being stored within our system with some variation dependant upon our own, individual metabolism.

It was on this basis, that I never complained about the energy consumed creating the meal in the first place. Marriage came and with it the usual settlement of ones activities and lifestyle into a less active one  – the usual and mundane sit for tea with the soaps on tv!  The weight piled on.    

cardio cycling exercises in a gym
Cardio exercises included rowing, cycling and other aerobic or cardiovascular exercises


My health declined with the weight gain and lack of physical activity (apart from a physically demanding job). less than a decade later I was divorced. Stressed to high heaven, with an unhealthy beer belly I had to get myself sorted and back towards the me I used to know – slim and trim! That saw the real start (or re-start) of my healthy eating and living rationale. So it was down to the leisure centre once a week to burn some fat off with a very vigorous 3 hr session including 20 – 40 minutes of squash followed by a full hours aerobic exercise in the gym and an hour in the pool for a general tone up and cool down.  I was on the wagon – the cardio wagon! With the cleaner, healthier low calorie diet with and lots of gruelling  cardio exercises I lost the weight – and paid the price.



Calorie Counting for Energy INTAKE!

Coffee beans in a grinder
Coffee (besides the caffeine) carries it’s own nutritional benefits

I never counted calories to lose weight – quite the opposite. I was counting calories to ensure I had just enough intake to survive – literally. Literally counting every cup of coffee to ensure I had at least 1000 calories per day in energy intake (the average cup of coffee with milk and 2 sugars carries approx 100 calories – I was on 5-10 cups/day). Now, I have gained much experience, knowledge and more importantly attitude towards my diet and fitness.

Indeed, my overall health [albeit some damage has already been done through all the cardio vascular exercising I had done (more on that subject in my upcoming book – “How Cardio Damaged My Heart”)] improved.

To that end I urge you to take your health more seriously. If you are serious about losing even a few pounds of weight or are seriously overweight and in desperate need of guidance and resources, please take the time to browse through the blog, take note of what I have been through to lose weight (and especially my beer belly), what I have learned over the years and how with today’s knowledge, you can lose weight quickly and efficiently – if you follow the rules.

Lessons Learned – How Weight is Gained (and Lost Effectively)

I understand what it can take to lose weight – and keep it off. I also appreciate we are not all the same – each one of us leads a different life with different aspirations and interests but hopefully I can guide you through the process and show you how to lose weight and keep it off for good!  You may want /  need a combination of 3 elements – a healthy fat burning diet, appropriate highly effective fat burning exercises and detox to remove the chemicals used in mass processing which end up in your gut causing excess, stubborn viceral fat to be created and deposited.

Nutritional and sports science has come a long way in the last decade – it is this new found knowledge that enlightened me to understand how I lost the belly fat, lost weight and through lack of information and sheer zeal overworked the cardio. I don’t want you to suffer the same ordeal as I had to!

Phil Hillier. Owner and creator of fat loss quest - How to lose weight and keep it off.
Me, myself and I. Owner and creator of Fat Loss – Phillip Hillier

Creating Fat Loss Quest has been (in some regards) an eye opener for me, particularly in the arena of sports science and physiology, not to mention nutritional science. It is my passion – creating a healthy life from good nutrition and fast, highly effective fat burning exercises. I don’t have time for ineffective, time consuming and otherwise demanding workout routines. Life is for living – not for spending down the gym 3,4 or 5 hrs/week just to burn fat off and stay fit!

Take my advice, read the info I have (and will continue to provide) request my fat burning report access is available on several pages / posts, join in our social networks (facebook, twitter and more to follow) and spread the word about – Phil’s in town!!

Take care. Take very good care!!                                                   


PS:- I am still astounded Medical Professionals (esp GP’s still refer people with excess weight to Cardio in some vain attempt at getting their weight down – especially when their own industry colleagues have published information proving cardio can be hazardous to your health!

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