How To Lose Weight Fast at Home

How to Lose Weight Fast at Home?

Many people ask:- how to lose weight fast? The simple answer to that question is to eat a variety of’clean, unprocessed foods in quantities less than those required for your body frame and follow up with sufficient, appropriate fat burning exercise that will burn off surplus fat. That, in essence is how you lose weight.

If you want to learn how to lose weight fast –  Metabolism is key. As you may be aware, there are those of us who can appear to eat anything they like in quantities far greater than their body frame should permit and still they stay lean. This is, in part, down their unique metabolism. Whilst other factors may be taking their share of the surplus energy intake ( a higher level of fitness or physical activity than you see or a clean low fat, low processed food diet), the primary reason they do not put on weight is down to metabolism.

Metabolism, either through exercise or diet, will help you burn fat and lose weight quickly. While there are others who cannot help but put on weight – even by just looking at food. There are those with medical conditions – diabetes for one. Ask any type 1 diabetic about their potential weight gain and they will probably tell you the same thing – the doctors say it is ‘par for the course’.

How to Eat to Lose Weight

You will probably be aware that we all should consume our ‘5 a day’ (5 different vegetables / fruits) to beApples  healthy. This is purely down to the variety of nutrients we gain from consuming different fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Part of these fruit and vegetable selections in a healthy daily diet will (or should), by default, incorporate at least 1 or 2 of the fat burning vegetables and fat burning fruits.

Add to this clean lean meat from the list of fat burning proteins and you have a basic diet that actually helps us to combat the surplus energy ingested and stored as fats around our body – noticed primarily with an increase in our abdominal girth – belly fat!

Your Doctor may recommend a specific diet through a dietician or you may have taken it upon yourself to do something about that ever growing weight problem.There are many books, plans and programs out there that aim to assist you in your desire to lose weight quickly.  The truth of the matter is – If you want to lose weight, you need a clean diet backed up with vigorous exercise. A diet low in processing chemicals – a diet rich in natural goodness.

We all have a fancy one in a while. The odd burger, sweet treat ( ice cream, cakes, pastries, chocolate and other sweets…) These are fine – when eaten in limited doses! Once a week is more than sufficient for a treat. On that note, self discipline can work wonders and I don’t mean total elimination of treats but……..”save it ’til later”.

I adopted that philosophy many years ago. Instead of just giving in to your desire for a treat – save the desire or (craving) and satisfy it later – once you have done a chore or more. Save it until you have taken the dog for a walk, or walked into town for that item you probably forgot to buy or post. This rationale works on all levels for all ages and sexes.

How Do I Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting

Now, I don’t know about you but I once went on a sponsored 24 hr fast to raise funds for a major charity. Granted, I was a little sceptical about going without food for 24 hrs. But you know what? It didn’t do me any harm whatsoever! Even today, I will not worry about going without food for 24 hrs. The following day, you may be hungry but just by limiting yourself to your normal reccomended daily intake, you should lose a pound or so just by that 24 hr period of intermittent fasting. Try it. Better still – try it on a Friday night or the night before you go out on the town. This way, that take-away won’t be just a surplus fancy and you may find your metabolism has woken up and is now geared up ( in part) to deal with relatively ‘unhealthy food’. Just remember – keep to your reccomended daily intake afterwards and you won’t have much of  a problem with weight gain. Reducing overall intake with constant ‘exercise’ helps you to lose weight fast – at home.

How to Exercise to Lose Weight

Ok, so dieting has it’s stigmas. We all remember or know of someone who has been on a ‘diet’ to lose weight.The problem is  – did they exercise whilst dieting?  Probably not! Dieting without exercise is like owning a car without putting fuel in the tank – you have the means to go faster but you’re restricting your journey speed to a pedestrian pace.

Why? One of the big issues with dieting  – you may lose a lot of weight (eventually) but that large weight loss will come at a price if you don’t exercise. Rolls of skin all over your body!!!!!

 Our skin is an organ too, you know – the largest organ of the human body to be precise. If you don’t exercise, the skin also becomes loose and ‘floppy’. This is the little told secret that bodybuilders and especially body sculptors know. They not only exercise to build muscle, they know the skin is an organ which can also be toned up to tightly wrap itself around the skeletal structure and the muscles.

Any ladies reading? Been to see a male revue lately? Do you think they exercise  just to build muscle? Nope! It is for skin conditioning aswell. All those celebs with great muscular definition? Wouldn’t be the same without skin tone conditioning! Body builders can have great muscles and lift 100’s lbs in a dead lift. But, have you seen how much fat and skin is covering those muscles? Some experts actually refer to that as ‘puffy muscles’ – big water laden muscles covered in a layer of fat and lose skin.

cardio cycling exercises in a gym
Cardio exercises included rowing, cycling and other aerobic or cardiovascular exercises

I know what your thinking…. “Now I have to spend all my spare time in the gym doing long boring cardio exercises to burn off the fat and keep it off!” Wrong! Experts and sport scientists alike agree you should not spend all your time down the gym trying to burn off fat. Besides, they have both (scientists and specialist fitness coaches alike) agreed that 3 sessions a week is more than enough. Even short sharp bursts (how does 10 minutes sound?) of an effective fat burning exercise will increase your metabolism whilst burning the excess fat off, generating increased fitness levels so you can enjoy life more and creates leaner, firmer muscle tone. Better still – you can do these exercises in the comfort of your own home. You’d be saving more than your health 🙂

Scientific research has also proven long boring cardio exercise has negative effects and can cause you to Gain weight. I am a victim of excess cardio exercise and therefore, I would not recommend doing cardio for weight loss – it is highly ineffective and hazardous! Cardio sabotages weight loss and can cause other serious health issues!

Further research (with proven results from the field of advanced personal training) has identified a fast, effective and efficient form of training for fat loss that can even be performed in the comfort of your home – High Intensity Interval Training (hiit).

Take a look at this – 30 minute hiit workout  (if you haven’t already).

Craig Ballantyne ( A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) created Turbulence Training whilst working as a University Coach to improve the performance of the players. Through sports and physiological science Turbulence Training developed to become a worldwide phenomenon and benchmark training for overall fitness, body conditioning AND the most effective fat burning exercise – to date!  You’ll understand what I mean. Relatively simple exercises that burn fat fast, improves metabolic rate, builds muscle whilst burning fat AND has cardio benefits. Simple to do – yet very effective. Not to mention inexpensive (compared to gym memberships and the time required to perform each workout). 

How do you lose weight fast at home? Read about and eat fat burning foods , incorporate fat burning exercises on a weekly basis and incorporate occasional intermittent fasting. That is how to lose weight fast at home – and keep it off!  

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