Sprouts for Weight Loss

Sprouting Fat Loss – How Brussel Sprouts Improve Your Weight Loss.

Are you trying to lose weight naturally?

If so, then you will probably be looking for a variety of fat burning vegetables -especially green and cruciferous vegetables.

You may have seen my article on green leafy vegetables for fat loss covering Kale, Spinach etc but have you considered  sprouts for weight loss?

You may remember Brussels sprouts as those small, round peculiar veggies that ended up on your plate as a child. Like most children, you probably didn’t want to eat them or cringed at the way they smelled while cooking.

fresh green brussel sprouts - natures fat burning parcels
Green brussels sprouts – natures own fat burning vegetable all wrapped up in a parcel

Despite these little drawbacks, they were put on your plate for good reason: they’re actually one of the world’s healthiest foods, making them a diet necessity.

Not just for Christmas or special occasions, Brussel sprouts are an excellent source of vitamins and anti-oxidants for both short term weight loss and permanent weight loss.

Those little veggies that look like mini-cabbages are packed with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals that work wonders for your body – in both weight loss and health. Not only are they highly nutritious, but they’re also extremely versatile and can be prepared in a number of different ways.

This means you have a variety of options for how to add them to your diet, so you’ll never get bored with these perfectly crafted vegetables.

What Are Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprouts don’t just look like mini-cabbages; they’re actuallybrussel sprouts - raw members of the Gemmifera Group of cabbages.

Ancestors of the modern Brussels sprout were probably cultivated in ancient Rome. The sprouts we know and love today were probably originated from 13th Century Belgium.

A small, leafy vegetable, brussels sprouts are packed with protein, vitamins (A,C,B6 and K), Folate (folic acid), fiber, Calcium, Potassium and many more nutrients.

Brussels sprouts have found popularity due to their high nutritional value and versatility in the kitchen.

Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

No matter how they come, Brussels sprouts can offer you an excellent source of nutrients. Packed with good things from nature, these vegetables are perfectly crafted for maintaining health and wellness.

A rich source of vitamin C and K,  sprouts also contain good amounts of B vitamins such as vitamin B6, folic acid, and other essential minerals. They are also a good source of protein and dietary fiber and contain absolutely no cholesterol.

Like cabbages, they may cause an overactive bowel if eaten to  excess.  More than making you extra-regular, they can also cause gas and bloating if eaten in large portions or too frequently.

Brussels sprouts are also a great source of vitamin A (an antioxidant required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes, skin, and promoting optimal eye health). Foods rich with vitamin A have been known to offer protection against some cancers such as oral cavity and lung cancer. The extent of cancer-protection in Brussels sprouts is still widely researched. Promising findings hint that this veggie helps fight cancer causing agents and cleanses the body of many toxins.

Brussels sprouts are also one of the leading vegetable sources of vitamin K. Vitamin K is known to improve bone health and preventing diseases and disorders of the bones such as osteoporosis.

In addition to these nutrients, Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of the following minerals:-

  • copper
  • iron
  • manganese
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • and phosphorus.

Being rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, Brussels sprouts help to treat many health problems. They are simply a highly nutritious addition to any diet.

As already mentioned, Brussels sprouts help with a number of health problems. They provide the body with the support it needs to build strong bones, remove toxins (cleansing or detoxing) and cancer-causing radicals and agents.

The nutrients in Brussel Sprouts also regulate metabolism, promote strong muscles, oxygenate the blood, and do much, much more….

These superfoods are a do-it-all veggie that promotes optimal health and well-being.

Brussel Sprouts and Fat Loss

Rich in vitamins and minerals (Vit A, B, C and K), Brussel sprouts also contain Vitamin B6 (a group of related vitamins that help convert food into energy). The fibre in Brussel sprouts helps to regulate appetite and feeds friendly gut bacteria.

With Vitamins A and C being antioxidants, Brussel sprouts also help to increase your metabolism. By cleansing out the toxins in your fat cells, the transfer of energy from the fat cells becomes more efficient resulting in improved metabolism.  The added benefit of this is the brain chemistry becomes healthier.

This holistic health process results in improved appetite control, hormone regulation and…. …..weight control.

How To Cook Brussel Sprouts

Adding Brussels sprouts to your diet is incredibly easy because they can be

sauteed brussel sprouts
Sauteed Brussel Sprouts – a new sweeter way to cook brussel sprouts

cooked in so many different ways:-

  • Oven roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Boiled / steamed
  • Stir-fried
  • Baked
  • Shredded
  • Parmesan sprouts
  • Breaded
  • and raw sprouts are just a few ways to prepare these veggies.

They can also be added to soups, salads, casseroles,  and used as garnish around meat, poultry and fish. There’s truly no right or wrong way to make these, so simply find a recipe that interests you and get cooking!

Preparing Brussel Sprouts.

Brussel sprouts are relatively easy to prepare. Simply cut or break off from the stem and remove the very outer leaves.

To Boil or Steam

Simply cut a cross in the stem of the sprout to aid cooking into the core and place in a pan of boiling water, return to the boil and cook over a moderate heat for approx 20 mins. Drain and serve either with roasted almonds or sweet chestnuts with a sprinkling of freshly cracked black pepper. They may also be tossed in a little butter for an extra treat.

Roasting  Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts may be added to a selection of other vegetables to create a medley of roast vegetables. Simply prepare as above or cut in half and place in a roasting tray with your preferred selection of complimentary vegetables (carrots, parsnips, beets, potatoes, onions etc). Additionally, the roasting process brings out the natural sugars making them sweeter than other preparations.

There are many ways to enjoy this “understated” and underestimated vegetable. Whilst they are not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, finding a recipe that suits your taste should not be too difficult.

Brussel sprouts with cashew nuts
Brussels sprouts with Cashew Nuts

Created By Nature, Made for You

Though Brussel sprouts may have gained a bad reputation when you were a child, you can now look at them with new eyes. These little vegetables are wholly good for you with only benefits for your body and wellbeing.

When eaten in moderation, these beauties will keep you regular, have you feeling great, and inspire you to create a healthy diet around them and their health benefits.

Mom always said – “Eat your vegetables!” And she was right!

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12 Reasons to Lose Weight

12 Motivating Reasons to Lose Weight and keep it off.

How Health, Career and Relationships Suffer from being Overweight or Obese.

If you are looking to lose weight, then you are probably aware of at least some of the health risks of being overweight or obese. Health (whilst important) is NOT the only reason you want (or need) to lose weight.

Sociological, relationships, peer approval and employment / career progression all improve when you lose weight to a normal size. If you’re looking for motivation, here are 12 reasons to lose weight…..


People who are obese are at risk of many serious diseases and health conditions including all causes of death along

Young girl in cemetary contemplating her future
Children. Our future, their future. Destroyed through poor health.

with other serious health conditions.

In an article by Stanford Health Care, 300 000 DIE each year from obesity related conditions in the US.
Globally, this death count from being overweight or obese rises to 2.8 MILLION / year according to the World Health Organisation.

Obesity is also a primary cause of sleep apnoea. Sleep Apnoea is a serious condition restricting blood flow and vital oxygen to the brain whilst sleeping. This results in tiredness the following day making operating machinery and driving hazardous and potentially fatal.

Heart disease & failure, T2 Diabetes (and the risk of DKA – Diabetic Ketoacidosis), fatal influenza and pneumonia are also high risk conditions caused by excess weight and obesity.

2. Prevent Heart Disease.

“Heart disease (or hardening of the arteries) is 10x more prevalent in overweight / obese people than those of normal weight.”(Stanford Health Care).
Heart disease itself prevents you from engaging in quality time with friends and family, limits your driving abilities (and safety). You will also spend more time restricted to your home / doctors surgery or hospital instead of living a life worth living.

3. Peer Approval

Being overweight or obese has been proven to cause stigma from their ‘normal weight’ peers.
In a recent European study, 18.7% of people with obesity experienced a stigma from either:-

  • Educators
  • Employers
  • Health Professionals
  • The Media
  • Even friends and family

Yes, even health professionals – those people you turn to for help look at you with disapproval for being overweight or obese!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, 38% of people with severe obesity are stigmatised!
The stigma doesn’t end there, though! For school aged children, this figure rises with 63% of obese school aged children suffering bullying due to their weight.

4. Income

Overweight and obese people receive lower incomes / wages compared with normal weight people.” Source: Harvard.edu

This may be due (in part) to the indirect costs in insurance premiums of employing obese people. Additionally, workers compensation payments for their obese employees are higher compared to their normal weight co-workers.

Obesity Hurts YOUR purse directly!

In 2008, the medical costs for obese people was $1,429 Higher than those of normal weight people.” (Source: CDC.gov )

Then there are the additional indirect costs of being overweight / obese :-

  • Increased prescription costscurrency notes and prescription drugs - the cost of being overweight
  • Transportation costs – fuel economy reduces as vehicle + passenger weight increases
  • Bariatric surgery failures? Bariatric surgery is proving to be a failure for permanent weight loss with “weight regain faster with commercial centres over non-commercial centres”. (Source : Int. Journal of Obesity 2018).

5. Prevent T2 Diabetes

Not forgetting the daily issues surrounding victims of t2 diabetes ( constant medical checks and the inherent costs involved), there are many other side effects:-

  • Sight Loss. Diabetic retinopathy can be catastrophic for the patient. Loss of eyesight can result in loss of career / employment, driving abilities, family life and independence.
  • Nerve Damage (Neuropathy). Neuropathy is caused through high blood glucose levels damaging the small blood vessels supplying the nerves. Neuropathy can cause loss of co-ordination, weakened limbs, incontinence and impotence. This can also lead to loss of employment, relationship problems, public embarrassment / humiliation through the incontinence or become a ‘prisoner in your own home’. Nerve damage may also lead to….
  • Foot Problems. Diabetics (both T1 and T2) are susceptible to nerve and blood flow damage to their feet. Many diabetics have serious problems with foot health. Many Diabetics have one or both of their feet amputated.
  • Hyperosmolar Hypoglycaemia State (HHS) is a life threatening state brought on by severe dehydration & very high blood sugars.
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). A life threatening emergency where the lack of insulin and high blood sugars leads to a build up of Ketones in the blood. These high levels of ketones effectively turn the blood into acid. This can severely damage vein / artery walls, chemically burn the heart and other organs. If untreated / not caught in time – total organ failure and death may occur. DKA can affect T1 and T2 diabetics.

6. Increase Physical Abilities

Placing excess load or strain on the human body causes many physical problems –
Women with oversize busts suffer from back pain preventing or limiting their normal daily activities.

Obese people place a substantial amount of strain on their hearts and joints. This in turn causes them to be slower at movement resulting in the stigma of ‘presenteeism‘.

childs feet between parents feet in bed

Losing weight to a ‘normal’ size improves:-

  • Sexual Performance and Enjoyment ( one comment on a weight loss forum state’s “having a longer useable length!”)
  • Enjoy more playtime with the children
  • Perform chores faster leaving more time to live and have fun!
  • Enjoy a more active lifestyle – adventure, sports, travel, engage with the children / grandchildren more etc
  • “Fitness” attracts! Relationships blossom for healthier, fitter people.

7. Prevent Cognitive Degeneration & Dementia

A healthy, balanced diet brings in nutrients that improve mental abilities AND prevent brain dysfunction or degeneration.

Monkey scratches head thoughtfully.
Think about it, But don’t take tooo long. Cognitive degeneration starts with a poor diet!

In a recent study (Aug 2018) at Trinity College, Dublin, researchers discovered that in over 5000 adults over 60, cognitive impairment increases as waist:hip ratio increases.

Simply, as your waistline increases your mental abilities reduce. Dementia alone is predicted to rise from 24.3 Million in 2001 to 81.1M by 2040.

Cognitive degeneration has a negative impact on:-

  1. Independance
  2. Careers / Employment
  3. Relationships

Cognitive degeneration also contributes to the rising occurrance of fraud and theft from people with impaired mental acuity.

8. Prevent Cancer

According to Cancer Research UK Obesity is the UK’s 2nd Biggest cause of cancer after smoking and causes 13 types of Cancer including:-

  • Oesophageal
  • Stomach
  • Bowel
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Breast
  • The Uterus
  • Ovary
  • Kidney
  • Thyroid
  • Mycloma
  • Meningioma

Each of the above forms of Cancer brings its own unique health based restrictions to your lifestyle and appearance – bowel bags, mastectomies, personal oxygen supply, hair loss, loss of energy, dialysis…..).

Additionally, obesity has been proven to cause prostate cancer. Overweight men have an 8% increased risk of getting prostate cancer (see below).

Healthy diets have been proven to prevent or ward off numerous types of cancer including prostate cancer(see below).

9. Combat Depression

Depression has been closely linked with overweight or obese people.
“Overweight or obese people are often blamed for their condition and may be considered lazy or weak-willed….
…..disapproval of overweight persons expressed by some individuals may progress to bias, discrimination and even torment”. (Stanford Health)

This, in turn, can lead to depression and the associated side effects. Prolonged (or chronic) depression can also lead to  loss of employment, self harming and even suicide.

10. Career.

Looking for career progression, new or total change in employment? Your excess weight is probably stopping you!

Obese people are stereotyped as being slow, lazy, and of low productivity value to employers.

As a direct comparison, many employers look for sporting / athletic people. “Sportsmen” are focused on results.


Office workers celebrating achievement with a group fist bump
Peer approval. Office workers celebrate positive results.
  1. Have ENERGY! Fit people who attend a gym regularly
  2. Have boundless amounts of energy to carry them through the tough times
  3. Work hard at their objective until they achieve the desired goal.

They are highly regarded as ‘achievers’ and are great for business. Employees who benefit the business are generally rewarded with longer service and / or promotion. Overweight people can rarely compete with these energetic, fast acting, performance driven employees.

Ask yourself this question :-
“Why do you see so many sports people in high paying positions (advertising, fashion, TV presenting positions, consultants and CEO’s / CFO’s ?”

  • Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) Bodybuilder & Pro Wrestler turned star actor in Hollywood Blockbuster movies.
  • Sean Connery  British bodybuilder gained his Licence to Kill (and thrill) as 007. Sean also appeared in many other Hollywood blockbuster films
  • Arnold Schwartzenegger. Broke Austrian bodybuilder and former Mr Universe gained fame as a Hollywood muscleman in films – Conan, Commando, Predator, The Terminator and many others.
  •  David Beckham. Love him or loathe him, David Beckham’s career rose from junior soccer player to pro-soccer and international mens fashion model. An icon of modern times.

Dwayne Johnson wrestler and actorSean Connery, Bodybuilder turned starring actor actor

Just 4 examples of how focus on a sport can lead to great health and greatness – be it in industry, commerce, entertainment or politics (?).

Unlike sportspeople, overweight and obese people are prone to victimisation from their peers & employers receiving lower wages and loss of promotion.

If you’re looking for work, the situation is much harder as employers make ‘excuses’ NOT to employ you.

11. Relationships

Being overweight or obese can have profound effects on your personal relationship(s).
From school age through to adulthood, excess weight brings many trials and tribulations to overcome. Overweight and obese children have negative experiences during their vitally important formative years.

Overweight and obese children experience bullying and difficulty in developing fruitful relationships from the associated stigma, physical (in)capabilities and the resulting depression.

In a recent study into obese relationships, obesity causes:

  • Delayed dating in adolescents
  • Early and risky sexual activities
  • Increased friction between couples
  • Intense personal and vicious arguments

Obesity and Sexual Health in Relationships

Obesity causes many other problems in relationships. Obesity results in infertility and difficulty in conception among women. The resulting stress and arguments give rise to vicious arguments and (in some cases) separation or the expense of divorce

Overweight and obese men have similar problems. Problems that may cause the arguments from failed procreation – infertility. The excess weight (which typically gathers in the abdomen and lower abdomen / groin area) increases the internal heat in the groin damaging the number and quality of sperm. The result? Infertility!

Poor nutrition contributes to this infertility and the energy to procreate and satisfy your partner.

Obesity in Men Causes:-

  • Low Testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for a deep voice, larger muscles, development of male sexual organs, strong bones, sperm production and libido.
    In men over 40, a 1 point increase in BMI results in a 2% decrease in testosterone. A 4” increase in waist can reduce testosterone levels by 75%
  • Erectile Dysfunction. Obese men have an increased risk of Erectile Dysfunction. (Hormonal disorders & low testosterone levels are responsible for Just 3% of E.D cases). Studies reveal having a BMI of 28 increases the risk of ED by 90%.
  • Reduced Sexual Activity. Obesity in men reduces the frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • Male Infertility. A tiny, 3pt increase in BMI causes a 10% increase in infertility.
  • Prostate Cancer. Men with a 43” waist are 2.4x more likely to need surgery than men with a 35” waist.[1]
    The American Cancer Society reveal that “men who are overweight have an 8% increase in the risk of getting prostate cancer, obese men have a 20% chance and severely obese men 34%”.
    Obesity also causes a recurrence of prostate cancer with the added risk of it spreading to other organs and the bones.

[1]Source : Harvard Health / Mens health

Poor diet and lack of effective exercise cause many relationships to suffer unnecessary stress and strain. Failure to please your partner and/or failure to conceive can result in vicious arguments. Additionally the unending stigma from peers, depressive moods and mood swings all contribute to the poor lifestyle suffered as a result of being overweight or obese.

Surgical Operations and ObesitySurgeon operating in theatre

In addition, couples may opt for expensive bariatric surgery or surgical removal of the excess weight.
Studies have proven bariatric surgery fails in long term weight loss – Bariatric patients tend to regain some or all of the excess weight after 12 months. This can result in resentment and despair between the couple trying to have children or improve their lives artificially.

12. See Clearly

What would You do without your sight? Do you have the funds to live without sight? Would you cope mentally if you lost your sight?

adult female looking over top of book with blue eyes

What does Your Sight mean to You?

A healthy diet and lifestyle can :-

  • Prevent A.M.D (Age-related Macular Degeneration).
    Recent high quality studies reveal that diet “may” affect individuals risks in relation to the onset of age related macular degeneration (eye disease). (Source: Wiley)
  • Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy can cause catastrophic loss of eyesight.
  • Improve your vision. Visual health and accuity is improved with a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Improve peer relationships. Friends will notice your new, slimmer look and re-engage socially.
  • Improve Your Career. Employers will see you as someone who ‘addresses an issue’ instead of hiding it. You’re an
    ‘action taker’. A pro-active person who resolves problems. Pro-active problem solvers are beneficial to employers / companies. Be an important member of staff, not just a ‘lump in the corner’.
  • Improve Your Love Life! Overweight and obese people have lower sex drives, interest and energy. These are just 3 problems obesity causes in relationships. Physical pain, infertility and organ size / access are other problems. Doctors and physicians measure sexual appetite / interest as an important part of human nature – especially in relationships. Yet, it can be ‘easily’ corrected with a healthy diet.
  • Improve Brain Function. Losing weight through natural methods will inherently improve brain function. The consumption of natural foods (esp fruit and veg) will provide the nutrition your brain needs to function correctly.
  • Reduce / prevent bowel disorders. A healthy diet inherently improves bowel bacteria (microflora) with a corresponding improvement in nerve signals to the brain. This , in turn, improves your appetite control.

Elements from nature’s own pantry provide nutrients that regulate and reduce anxiety, improve nerve stimulation, reduce the risk of stroke, aids sleep, learning and memory. A healthy, balanced diet also helps to regulate appetite, prevent Alzheimers disease, mood swings and hormone regulation. Healthy diets also prevents the symptoms of ADHD.

Do you have the ‘foresight’ to act and prevent numerous, potentially fatal illnesses? Illnesses which can kill you and any career interests?

Many will consider some (or all) of the above as ‘an acceptable risk’, preferring to stay overweight  / obese with (perhaps) the inevitable result……

…..leaving loved ones behind to pick up the pieces.

Young girl on beach alone.
Who will look after her when you are no longer around?

A healthier diet is simply a matter of making  a few changes to your current (unhealthy) diet but brings many rewards :-

  • Improved  Income / Career
  • Increased libido / sex drive and pleasure
  • Increase fertility
  • Improved social relationships
  • Reduced Medical Costs (Save OVER US$1400/yr)
  • Prevents 13 different types of Cancer
  • Prevents Brain dysfunction (Alzheimers, dementia, stroke, ADHD etc….)
  • Prevents Type 2 Diabetes & associated illnesses / problems
  • Prevent Heart Disease

Can you see the multitude of benefits to losing weight now?

Start losing weight today – request your copy of my free guide – “10 Secrets to Lose 10lbs in 10 weeks

  • Discover 10 Secrets to Lose 30lbs – Fast!
    10 Secrets to Lose 10lb in 10 wks ebook
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  • Discover simple hacks for permanent weight loss

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Green Leafy Vegetables for Fat Loss

Green Leafy Vegetables: How They Burn Fat and Improve Health

No diet is truly optimized without a healthy amount of green leafy vegetables – cabbages , lettuces, root vegetable foliage (ie beetroot leaves) etc.

Chard. A leafy green vegetable
These plant foods are truly a miracle of nature, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals; they are also low in calories so you can eat plenty of them without gaining weight.

Green leafy vegetables can be eaten poached, steamed or boiled. They can also be used as part of casseroles and (depending upon type – ie baby spinach leaves, beetroot leaves,…) be eaten in numerous types of salads.


What are Green Leafy Vegetables?

There are both common and relatively uncommon leafy green vegetables available. Most you can get at the produce department at your local supermarket.

Others you may have to grow in containers in your house or in a garden.

Green leafy vegetables include:Savoy Cabbage. A leafy green rich in vitamins and antioxidants for weight loss

• Spinach
• Kale
• Broccoli
• Red and Green Leaf and Romaine Lettuce
• Cabbage (pictured right)
• Edible Green Leaves: dandelion, red clover, plantain, watercress and chickweed
• Mustard greens
• Dandelion greens
• Swiss chard
• Escarole
• Turnip greens

What makes Green Leafy Vegetables so special?

Disease Prevention

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing!

Green leafy vegetables (or leafy greens) contain disease preventing plant-Pharma drugs and Cashbased substances.  These help protect your body from diabetes, heart disease and even various cancer mainly because of the powerful antioxidants they offer. An inexpensive remedy to counter health issues pharma companies rely on for their income!

Kale for example, is a great source of vitamins A*, C**, K, calcium and also supplies folate and potassium.

*necessary for the growth of body tissues including skin and hair

**an antioxidant used for cleansing cells aswell as feeding the immune system

Green Leafy Vegetables for Fat Loss

Leafy green vegetables have so few calories that they hardly even count and lettuce, kale and spinach can be eaten in abundance. They are also high fiber foods and so they keep you full longer helping you to eat less.

Dietary fiber also helps to stabilize blood sugars. This results in reduced cravings for sweets and other junk.

The anti-oxidants in leafy greens help to cleanse the body cells of excess fat and toxins. Antioxidants also support efficient metabolism helping us to burn fat more easily.

Antioxidants also improve brain chemistry.

Vitamin K

Kale - a leafy green rich in vital nutrients
Kale – Rich in Vitamin K. The US Dept of Medicine states1 portion of Kale contains 778% of the RDA.

Different leafy greens have different properties but all of them can be considered good for you. They contain vitamin K, which is essential in helping the body to properly clot blood.

Vitamin K also helps prevent several conditions related to advancing age. It can also help prevent bone loss, arterial calcifications, kidney damage and heart disease.

Just a single cup of most leafy green vegetables will provide you with more than enough vitamin K for your system per day.
Kale is especially helpful, providing about six times the recommended intake of vitamin K.


Leafy Greens Lower Cholesterol!

Eating green leafy vegetables can actually lower your cholesterol levels!

The bile acids produced by the liver which help fats digest from the gastrointestinal tract are bound by the fiber in the leafy greens. The bile acids pass through the body along with the residue of leafy green vegetables.

This action forces the liver to use up even more cholesterol to make bile acids -thereby reducing your endogenous cholesterol level.

A study in the Nutrition Research journal indicated that slightly steamed kale and mustard greens performed highest in bile acid binding activity.

Eye Health – Yet Another Benefit to Eating Leafy Greens

Chard. A leafy green vegetable

Green leafy vegetables are good for the eyes.

The best leafy greens to eat for eye health are mustard greens, Swiss chard, kale and dandelion greens. These varieties are high in carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

Carotenoids help filter the high energy light caused by the sun and therefore prevent sun-induced cataracts.

These carotenoids also improve overall visual acuity. Lutein also has benefits for the skin, arteries heart and immune system. Lutein from natural sources has also been proven to lower rates of breast, colon, cervical and lung cancers.

Vitamin B5

1 cup of raw escarole can help your body by adding pantothenic acid (also called vitamin B5). The B vitamins together help carbohydrates break down into glucose to be used for cellular fuel.

The body cannot store B vitamins each day so you need to find a daily source for these vitamins. Vitamin B5 can also be found in spinach, brussel sprouts, Kale and Broccoli.

Calcium For Bone Health

Leafy green vegetables contain large amounts of calcium. It’s the calcium that gives these foods their slightly bitter taste. Although leafy greens do not provide the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium (~1000 mg of calcium per day for women between 30 and 50), they provide easily absorbable kinds of calcium.

Half a cup of dandelion greens will provide about 75 mg of calcium. Mustard greens can give you 55 mg calcium.
Leafy greens provide a valuable source of calcium from a fat free source.

Preventing Colon CancerBroccoli -  aleafy green veg rich in nutrients ofr fat loss

Kale and mustard greens can help prevent colon cancer by being part of the group of vegetables that includes cabbage and broccoli.

In a study in one dietetic journal, those people that ate more of these leafy greens suffered a lower risk of developing colon cancer. Broccoli contains phytonutrients which reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

Broccoli also has anti-inflammatory qualities in addition to the Vitamin C and beta-carotene antioxidants. These anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the ‘unseen’ effects of weight gain.

By reducing the cellular inflammation, your body will reduce in physical volume as the cells shrink back to their natural sizes improving your weight loss efforts and your rewards. Not forgetting the pain relief!

How do you eat green leafy vegetables?

Green leafy vegetables can be eaten raw in salads or can be, poached,

boiled, steamed and mixed with herbs, other vegetables, or added to stir-fry’s.

It is advisable to use as little heat as possible to these vegetables. If you boil leafy greens you will probably have noticed the water turning green.

This is the nutrition leaking (leaching) out and should be avoided.

Avoid overheating / overcooking them to keep their nutritional content intact. Kale and spinach are both at risk of overcooking very fast because they cook so quickly.

A good rule of thumb when cooking is to only steam / boil to a bright free color. Such is the case with broccoli – once it turns a dark green color it is likely overcooked and has lost valuable nutrients.

Other Green Vegetables that help burn fat and provide good health

Whilst the above are listed as the main source of green vegetable nutrition, there are other sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals :-

  • Garden Peas
  • Green Beans (both french and english runner beans)
  • Broad Beans
  • Asparagus
  • Brussel Sprouts (member of the cabbage family)
  • Artichoke
  • Celery
  • Leeks
  • Purslane
  • Courgette (Zuchini)
  • Endive (member of the chicory family)
  • Rocket
  • Bok Choi


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Fat Burning Exercise Tips for Parents and Professionals

Busy life mixing work with family routines?  No time to focus on fat burning exercises? There is  a solution….

Like me, you may feel that you have no time to commit to regular exercise.

Wether it be regular trips to the gym every week or even 3 short workouts at home, you feel you simply cannot fit them in!

Well, I have great news for you. Here’s an article I received from my friend Craig Ballantyne (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).

Here you will find some excellent fat burning exercise tips for parents and professionals who struggle to manage their fat burning exercises :-

“Fat Burning Exercise Tips for Busy Parents and Professionals”

By: Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

workouts to boost muscle growth and burn body fat fast ebook
Torch Body Fat Fast with Turbulence Training

“The great thing about strength training and intervals for fat burning is “efficiency”.
Because you are working harder, the signal to your body to change is stronger.

You cut time when you increase intensity and you burn fat faster.

Now don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to do hill sprints tomorrow if you aren’t exercising today.

For a beginner, we just do some slightly faster than normal walking intervals. For intermediate fitness levels, we’ll pick up the pace about 20% compared to their normal cardio levels, but again, the work periods are much shorter.

The key is, you must shift to a slightly higher intensity in order to cut time from your workout.

But the workout also goes faster, and much more importantly, you will get more results and better fitness from these methods.

It’s easy to do these workouts first thing in the morning, at lunch, or after the kids go to bed.
Plus, you can get a great workout at home with only a bench, dumbells or kettlebells, and an exercise ball. You don’t need fancy machines or an expensive gym membership.

And another bonus, you only need three hard fat burning workouts per week….
……you don’t have to be in the gym six days per week.

On your off days, it’s important to stay active for at least 30 minutes, but these days should be unstructured and revolve around being active with your family or hobbies.
Don’t think of them as workout days, think of them as fat burning, stress reducing activity days”.

About the Author

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines.

His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week.

For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long,
slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

Kettlebell Weights: Best Kettlebells for a Fat Loss Workout (My Review)


Dumbells vs Kettlebells – An Enlightening Journey into Weights for a Fat Burning and Fitness Workout

Having been working out using bodyweight exercises, I had decided it was time to invest in some weights to increase the load and facilitate a greater variety of exercises.

Previously, I had used the typical gym machines, but wanted some weights to use at home due to my recent family committments.

The choice was between Dumbells and Kettlebells. Having considered the comparative costs between dumbells and kettlebells, it was evident the kettlebells had the edge on price and on usefullness.

Dumbells can really only be used when used as a weight. Kettlebells can be used as a weight AND as a portable grip ie for press ups / shoulder presses etc. Indeed, the ‘creative’ user can even use them slipped over their trainers to add weight for leg raises off the floor!

What Are Kettlebells?

BodyMax 12 Kg Mens Kettlebell
Typical Design of the Cast Kettlebell – the BodyMax 12Kg Kettlebell

Kettlebells are, essentially, a solid weight resembling a canonball with a handle. Typically made from cast iron or cast steel they are the basic tool of many strength training and muscle building workouts.

Kettlebells can be lifted like ordinary dumbells, but can also be used for an intense cardio workout.

They are now becoming more mainstream as they continue to grow in popularity and use in a wider variety of workout exercises from body building, power lifting, cross fit, cardio and fat burning workouts.


Kettlebell Sizes

Kettlebells come in a wide variety of weights typically from 2kg up to an impressive 40kg!

The weight range depends upon the manufacturer:

  • York Fitness produce kettlebells from 2kg to 20Kg
  • BodyMax manufacture a range from 4kg to 40Kg
  • IQI Kettlebells are available in weights from 2kg to 14kg
  • WeRSports Kettlebells are available in a range from 4kg – 40 kg
  • JLL produce neoprene kettlebells in a range from 6-24kg and vinyl from 2-12kg
  • Tone Fitness (US) produce a range of Vinyl Kettlebells in 5, 10 or 15lbs


What Weight Kettlebell Should I Buy?

As a general rule, beginners should start at the lower end (2-4kg) but this is dependant on several factors:

  1. Your Physique: Everyone is different having widely varying physical abilities. Tall stocky people tend to be able to carry heavier weights easily and would be advised to look at kettlebells from 6-8kg as a starting point. Short, slim or inexperienced people may be better starting with a 2 or 4 kg weight.
  2. Your Fitness Level: If you have never worked out before or are returning to workouts, then you may not be able to complete a workout with anything more than 4 kg. (Trust me – after 30 squats,10 reps of arm lifts, side lifts or renegade lifts, ab crunches and even leg lifts with 2 x 4kg kettlebells, you’ll know about it!!). If you have worked out previously and can handle 4kg with ease, then by all means use larger sizes (6-8kg+).
  3. The Individual Exercise(s) being Performed. Certain exercises only require 1 x heavier kettlebell (say 10 or 20kg). Fat burning workouts will require 2 light-med weight kettlebells (4-8kg) to facilitate symetrical muscular developement during arm lifts, push-ups, renegade lifts etc.
  4. Your Budget. Kettlebells range widely in price. Depending upon the retailer you may pay anything from around £5.50 (US$6.87) up to £75.98 (US$94:98) each. Sets are also available for purchase.

What is the Best Kettlebell? A Brand Comparison

Before we get into the nitty gritty of brands, we just need to take a look at the various types of kettlebell available by the brands.

Types of Kettlebells Manufactured

There are several types of kettle bell in current production. Primarily they are made from either cast iron or cast steel with the majority being coarsely sanded down.

Other forms of manufacture have the benefit of being vinyl coated or dipped. With their popularity rising, manufacturers are now beginning to produce more neoprene coated kettlebells for a more ‘contemporary’ look  having a softer surface to protect furniture and delicate wooden flooring. Solid PVC kettle bells are also available.

Cast Iron Kettlebells20 Kg Kettlebell from BodyMax

Plain cast iron or cast steel kettle bells (ie BodyMax, We R Sports)
One of the main problems I read about with plain / uncoated cast iron kettle bells is the seam on the inside of the handle from the casting process.

This sharp and rough edge can be very problematic when lifting the bells as it can cut, scratch and pull on skin and callouses. Not a pleasant experience and one that should not be evident in todays manufacturing standards.


Vinyl Kettlebells

York Fitness 4kg vinyl kettlebell
The York Fitness 4Kg Vinyl Kettlebell

Vinyl Kettlebells are produced by  York Fitness, IQI etc
Vinyl coated or dipped kettle bells have several advantages over the traditional rough cast kettle bell ;

  • Smoother finish prevents abrasions and cuts to the skin
  • Do Not scratch expensive wooden flooring
  • Can be easily identified by colour coding of vinyl coating





Neoprene Dipped

Neoprene has a soft, comfortable feel protecting skin and hard flooring surfaces from damage.
Whilst vinyl covered kettle bells are totally covered, neoprene version are dipped to create a thick coating of neoprene around the lower 2/3rds of the ‘bell. Neoprene dipped kettle bells also tend to be colour coded with bright colours.


Kettlebell Brands – A Comparison

A brief overview  of the kettlebell brands widely available in the marketplace. Whilst there are more brands coming onto the market, these are the main contenders.


BodyMax Kettlebells

BodyMax produce a range of rough cast iron kettle bells. Their weight range is from 4kg – 40kg.

BodyMax Mens 4Kg Cast Iron Kettlebell
The Body Max 4Kg Mens Cast Iron Kettlebell


BodyMax 10Kg Cast Iron Kettlebell
The BodyMax 10Kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

Comparing the two images of the BodyMax kettle bells, it is evident a similar problem exists with the DTX Fitness kettle bells..

….the handle on the smaller bells being disproportionately large giving rise to the probability of loss of balance and injury.


Additionally, the labelling is very ‘amateurish’ appearing to be painted on carelessly. In the 21st Century, you would expect a higher production quality than this – regardless of price.

Notice the little ‘dent’ in the the top left section of the handle on the 4Kg kettlebell. These do NOT show ‘carefull manufacturing’. These observations are purely from the supplied images and does not take into account the negative comments from previous customers as detailed below …

“Wrong weight and different from original BodyMax Kettlebells. Contact with seller was not good – answer phone only or via email. Poor weight consistency and inaccurate.”

York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells

York Fitness produce a pleasant range of colour coded vinyl kettlebells. These kettlebells are smooth to the touch, have no seam on the inside of the handle to cause cuts or abrasions.
The vinyl coating also prevents damage to any wooden or other delicate flooring.
York Fitness 12 Kg Vinyl KettlebellYork Kettlebell Height comparison with human body





These kettle bells have a sturdy and stable wide base with a wide but slim line handle preventing over-balancing. The flat surface underneath assures stability whilst in use and when stored away – they will not roll over.

The coating is smooth and comfortable to the touch. The flat top of the handle enables sure grip / footing when using them as push up supports while the side angle facilitates easy grip for 2-handed lifts / exercises.

Benefits of the York Fitness Kettlebells

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle
  • Anti-Slip Base
  • Smooth Vinyl Finish
  • Each one comes with FREE full colour workout chart*

* Workout chart is poster size and covers x exercises with kettle bells, how to do the exercises and which muscles they work.

Sale On!! Save 53% on Vinyl Kettlebells!  

York 2kg Vinyl Kettlebell
Buy York 2kg Vinyl Kettlebell. Save 53% on List Price!

York and Body Power Vinyl Kettlebells now reduced…

Up to 53% Discount on Vinyl Kettlebells!

Weights from 2kg through to 20kg.

“Best Buys” are :-

York 18kg Vinyl Kettlebell – Save £6.00 on List Price.

York 20kg Vinyl Kettlebell – Save £8.04 on list price!





JLL Vinyl and Neoprene Coated Kettlebells

JLL Fitness produce a range of coloured neoprene coated cast iron ketttlebells with a weight range of 6-24kg. JLL also produce a range of Vinyl Coated kettle bells.

Range of JLL Fitness Neoprene Dipped Kettlebells
JLL Fitness’ range of Neoprene Dipped Kettlebells

JLL 4Kg Red Neoprene Kettlebell






What others say about the JLL Kettlebells:-

“Quick delivery. And lovely looking Kettle Bells. Nice soft foam surrounding the bottom of the bell to stop any damage to my wooden floor. Love them!”

(One of many positive reviews for the JLL Kettlebells)


WeR Sports Cast Iron Kettlebells

WeR Sports produce a range of rough cast iron kettle bells from 4kg up to 40kg.

WeRSports Cast Iron Kettlebell


Previous Customer Comments:-
Whilst there are numerous positive comments, one stands out reflecting the main issue of rough cast iron kettle bells

“the sharp seam on the inside of the handle catches the skin and pulls on callouses. The general finish is also very rough.”

It would be advisable to factor in a pair of exercise / fitness gloves for use with these due to the rough finish increase the ‘cost of ownership’.

DTX Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebells

DTX Fitness produce a range of cast iron kettle bells in sizes from 4-28Kg. Whilst this range is not the greatest, it is satisfactory for the vast majority of people who want to get fit but not – heavily bulked-up.

DTX Fitness 4Kg Cast Iron Kettlebell
The DTX Fitness 4Kg Cast Iron Kettlebell. Note the disproportionately large handle


Cast Iron Kettlebells by DTX
DTX’s range of Cast Iron Kettlebells






Whilst the finish on the DTX Kettlebells looks cleaner than other cast iron bells, there is a noticeable difference in the handle of each bell – note the wider, squatter handle on the 4kg model compared to the larger bell in the main pic.

This may (or may not) be an issue to prospective purchasers in view of consistency when performing various workouts. The handle on the 4 kg appears ‘unbalanced’ or top heavy.

Personally, I would not put my faith in this kettle bell for a variety of exercises for fear of the bell unstabilising causing a potentially painful accident.



IQI produce a range of vinyl kettlebells in the weight range of 2-14kg. They have an easy clean vinyl finish plus a smooth surface with an ergonomic design.

[Note: At time of completing checklist for IQI Kettlebells, their shop was displaying widely inconsistent pricing quoting £7:99 originally, increasing to £9:99 (3KG Kettlebell, £12:99 raised to £17:99 for the 6Kg kettle bell up to an increased price of £32:99 for the 14Kg kettle bell. The shop also displayed a 246kg item at £38:99.]


What is the best Kettlebell?

From the above descriptions / /reviews, there is NO singular winner in this category. Whilst this list is not comprehensive (there are other brands becoming available with the rising popularity of kettlebells as a workout tool) there still lies the personal preferences.

Experienced weight lifters will have their own preferred brands based around their own workouts and performance but for a simple, fat burning workout at home, the vinyl kettle bells are coming into their own now being:-

  • Smooth to the touch
  • Colour coded – Easily Identifiable
  • Pleasing on the Eye
  • Minimalise Damage to furniture / wooden flooring
  • Consistent Manufacturing Quality
  • Better value for Money
  • Reduced Risk of Personal Injury (Cuts etc from sharp cast iron joints)

Kettlebell Price Comparison ¹

                                                                                         Weight (Kg)
Brand            Model           2             3             4              6              8                10                12                  14
BodyMax       Cast Iron         –              –          12:99       17:42      21:61         24:62           28:61                –
DTX Fitness  Cast Iron        –              –            8:95       12:95      14:95         18:95           22:95               –
WeRSports    Cast Iron        –              –           11:99       14:99      17:99         22:99          26:99               –
JLL                  Neoprene       –              –          10:99           –              –              22:99              –                   –
JLL                  Vinyl               –              –               –               –              –                    –             19:99                –
York                 Vinyl              7.32       7.44        9:44        11.44     13.45         17:99           22:99            27:44
IQI                   Vinyl            14:99       9:99      10:99        17:99         –            24:99            31:99            32:99

Note:  widely varying prices from IQI. Finding accurate,  reliable and competitive prices was not to be with some brands. York being the only brand with a consistent and competitive pricing structure. Prices are in GBP for the items only and do not reflect on delivery options. Prices were correct at the time this information was compiled (June 2017). 

  1. Source: Amazon UK     Amazon US Customers Click Here

What is the Best Value Kettlebell?

When I look to buy a product, I invariably look for several factors :

  • Price – is the product competitively priced?
  • Quality – it is important we ALL get high quality products. Manufacturing standards have improved greatly with improved consistency through Quality Assurance procedures and International Standards Organisation requirements. Being a qualified mechanical engineering technician and skilled manual machinist, I understand the manufacturing processes including that of cast iron and cast steel. Though research has proven certain kettle bell manufacturers of rough cast iron kettle bells are not observing the modern manufacturing standards.
  • Delivery. Delivery charges vary between companies and methods of shipment. The cost of delivery MUST be factored into the overall cost of acquiring the product
  • Service. After sales service is important to the purchaser aswell as the retailer / manufacturer. Poor after sales service will be remembered by the customer more so than good (or acceptable) after sales service.
  • Presentation of actual product. Is the product description accurate and consistent without causing confusion resulting in ‘error’ charging (deliberately mis-quoting prices in an underhanded attempt to part you from your cash for a product you were not 100% confident about)
  • Bonuses! Extra items included with the original product that enhance the purchase with a relevant and beneficial usage without adding unnecessary complications.
  • Guarantee. Your statutory rights dictate a guarantee is provided for new products.

With that said, the York range have the edge for range, quality, price and delivery options. One of the competing retailers quoted a 2-4 week delivery from inside the UK to a UK address. Not acceptable when better quality retailers can despatch them to your house on the day of order and arrive within a couple of days!


My Recommendations from this Kettlebell Review:

If you are starting out using weights for any form of workout (cross fit, weight training, fat burning, turbulence training or other form of High Intensity interval training) then I would advise you to look at the York range of kettle bells.

Not forgetting York have been producing fitness equipment for decades and have an established business with a high reputation.

My Personal Experience in Selecting and Buying Kettlebells……

“Having viewed the variety available it was time to evaluate the costs and delivery options. Whilst one brand appeared to be comparatively priced, the delivery time was quoted as (2-4 weeks). The alternative choice (2 x 4Kg York Vinyl kettlebells) could be delivered with 3 days.

The quality of the bells, value for money and delivery options sealed the deal. The York Kettlebells were purchased and arrived in a matter of days.

Opening the individual boxes revealed carefull packaging of an undamaged pair of pristine vinyl kettlebells with no scuffs or rough edges to cut myself whilst performing my workouts. Perhaps more importantly, no rough edges for my very young and inquisitive daughter to cut herself on either.

The handles were easy to grip with the flat base providing a stable base for storage and stability when performing push-ups from the handles. Very satisfied!”

Take a closer look at the York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells available from their outlet here now with up to 53% Savings……

Sale On!! Save 53% on Vinyl Kettlebells!

York 2kg Vinyl Kettlebell
Buy York 2kg Vinyl Kettlebell. Save 53% on List Price!


Kettlebell FAQ’s

Q. Where Can I buy Kettlebells?

A. You can buy a wide range of kettle bells (including the York Vinyl Kettlebells range) at most sports retailers.

Q. What are others saying about the York Fitness Kettlebells?

A. From the hundreds of positive customer reviews, here are just a few of their comments:-

“I bought this after moving on from my starter set of kettle bells.
I found this kettle bell was far more comfortable to use than my previous 4kg bell (another brand), which had caused blisters and scratches on the palm of my hands from the seam between the two colours on the handles.
This kettle bell was comfortable to use and a much better addition to my collection. I will be purchasing them 8kg and 10kg shortly!”


“This is great for someone, who like me, has never really used weights before! It is small and although it may not seem mich ‘weightwise’ you definitely feel it in your arms after a few reps!!”


“Does as it says, comes with a really good exercise plan aswell. Would recommend for anyone wanting a kettle bell. Quick delivery too!”

PS. I purchased my York Kettlebells from Amazon UK. However, due to recent delivery issues, I no longer feel comfortable recommending Amazon as a viable supplier. As an Amazon prime customer, I should have received teh recently ordered items teh following day. This did not happen. 3 out of 4 items were delivered LATE. 1 did not even turn up and was declared ‘lost in the post’ . 

I will endeavour to update this option asap. Thanks for reading.

Fast Weight Loss Tips

7 Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Fast weight loss can be achieved without starvation. A truly effective fast weight loss plan uses natural foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids to work harmoniously together to lose weight fast without starving.

If  you want fast weight loss, be sure to use a plan that is nutritionally complete…..

…….Many fast weight loss plans focus more on ‘starvation’ than truly effective, natural methods of weight loss. Fast weight loss can be very usefull if you want to lose weight fast for :-

  • A holiday
  • Health improvements
  • Pre -pregnancy weight loss
  • Preventing the onslaught of diabetes
  • Improving your figure and looks
  • Special Occasions, Summer, Parties etc
  • Promotion at work!

It is advised that you do not rely heavily on fast weight loss, also commonly referred to as rapid weight loss. Certain fast weight loss diets can cause detrimental side effects. Always check the nutritional completeness of any weight loss plan..

If you are interested in losing weight, as quickly as possible, you will want to read these fast weight loss tips .

1 – Clean up Your Diet

fresh fat burning fruits - a great detox
fresh fat burning fruits also help to detox your body

Changing your diet to clean natural foods will cause your digestive system to start purging the unwanted processing chemicals from your body.

Additionally, changing your diet to incorporate more of the fat burning foods will accelerate this cleanse and initiate a reboot of your body’s metabolism (esp if combined with an effective and synergistic fat loss program / workout).

To improve your energy consumption replace most of your carbohydrates with lean protein as excess protein is expelled from the body on a daily basis unlike carbohydrates which become stored as fat deposits (typically in the abdominal area).

2 – Reduce Food Intake

small meals force weight loss
Reducing your portion size can cause weight loss – and starvation.

One of the many ways that you can go about achieving fast weight loss is by reducing (and replacing) the type of foods that you eat – ie bread, pasta, pastries, pies, pizza’s, snacks, treats, burgers etc.

Exchange this man made, carbohydrate rich food for a healthier meal rich in natural carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids and you will not only save calories but actually be able to eat more!

When reducing your food consumption, it is important that you maintain sufficient energy and nutritional intake, ie proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

[Note: Continual portion reductions also have an additional side effect – stomach shrinkage. This will naturally prevent you from eating large meals again resulting in that permanent weight loss.]

Unfortunately, many individuals who want to achieve fast weight loss think that they need to stop eating altogether, even if it is for two or three days – also known as fasting.

Whilst fasting is an integral part of some cultures, there is little evidence to support that it actually supports effective or healthy weight loss. Fasting can be useful but must be undertaken with care. Whilst I myself have ‘fasted’ for short periods, the loss of nutrition was  – insignificant and was replaced shortly after. As fasting can be stressful for your body, it should be done at a time when your stress levels will be at their lowest. This prevents inadvertently causing a rise in the stress hormone cortisol – known for causing weight gain in stressful times.

It is also important to mention that starving yourself for long periods of time is dangerous to your health.

The human body is silently programmed for survival above all else. To ensure this event happens it will, if necessary, consume energy from it’s own organs – muscle first, then liver, kidneys etc leading to long term or permanent damage / organ failure. Ultimately this can lead to a fatal collapse of one or more organs.

3 – Preventing Rebound Weight Gain

Once you resume eating normally, it is possible you could gain all of your weight back, almost automatically.
This is typically referred to as rebound weight gain. Rebound weight gain is usually caused through a rapid weight loss followed by a “return to old habits”. This  “return to old habits” is caused by the fast weight loss program NOT instilling permanent weight loss techniques into your eating habits.

Prevent rebound weight gain by changing your diet to a healthy diet with smaller portions you can live with – permanently. This will aid against rebound weight gain.

Maintaining smaller portion sizes will permit your stomach to return to it’s ‘natural’ size preventing you from consuming those large portions you may have been used to leading to permanent weight loss and improved figure.

4 – Dump the Junk Food    

Burger - victim of our fast food obsession
Burgers – probably one of our biggest causes of obesity.

For fast weight loss, you will want to completely eliminate junk food from your diet, even if it is only for a short period of time.

This means that if you want a snack, you should grab an apple, orange or any of the other fat burning fruits / vegetables.

With candy and other sweets being high in calories (not to mention the diabetes inducing sugars), you may see a significant decrease in your calorie consumption by eliminating them from your diet.

5 – Exercise for Fast Weight Loss

Exercise is another way that you can go about achieving fast weight loss.

dumbells- used for weight training, strength training, turbulence training, hiit, circuit training and bodybuilding
Dumbells. Used for strength training, bodybuilding, turbulence training, circuit training and crossfit

However, not all exercises are effective at burning fat. For effective fat burning you need a high intensity interval  training workout (hiit). An effective workout can BURN 450% more fat than traditional long, slow and boring cardio!

Exercise will also require a proportionately higher (and beneficial) protein intake to cope with the extra energy consumed. Protein builds muscle aswell as regenerating the body on a cellular level.

With exercise, you may not notice a significant weight loss right away. A portion of the fat you are trying to burn off will be used as fuel and converted into muscle. For instance, it typically took most individuals at least a week or two to notice an improvement in their appearance with the use of traditional exercise. With hiit, body composition changes can be evident after 3 short 45min sessions.

Fat Loss workouts have evolved to be highly efficient at burning fat with results being seen in a week or less depending upon the intensity at which you exercise, frequency of workout and the actual workout you use.
With that in mind, the more overweight you are, the sooner you may see a decrease in your weight, often quickly.

6 – Exercise to Burn Fat at Rest

In keeping with exercise to lose weight, exercise is important to losing weight, as it helps to control your calorie

bodybuilder under stress loading
Bodybuilder using resistance training to build muscle. Holding loads under stress forces muscles to work harder and burn more fat.

intake, burns fat faster and increases your metabolism. When you burn off calories, with the use of exercise, your body needs a protein rich source of nutrition. Protein is used by the body to build cells (ie. muscles) and re-build cells after damage.

This is what makes it possible for you to lose weight. Additionally, hard workouts also build muscle aswell as burning fat. Hard, intense exercise causes the body to consume calories even at rest. This is due (in part) to the newly built muscles burning extra calories.

Although your first thought may be to start exercising as much as possible right away, Stop!

You may want to refrain from going ‘all-out’ with exercise, especially if you aren’t usually physically active. It is best to start out slow and build up your physical strength. This should significantly reduce your risk of injuries.

Workout to Look Younger? Here are Some Additional Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps to increase the flow of essential oxygen throughout the body. Increasing the flow of oxygen throughout your body also increases the amount of oxygen reaching your skin – essential for looking younger! Working out also improves your body composition and tones up ALL muscles including the glutes…..

….Correct exercise  tightens up your butt!   

The workout exercises you choose will have an impact on your buttocks. Squats ( and related exercises) will exercise your glutes more, tightening them up whilst also burning off any excess fat. These exercises work for both men and women. Both sexes benefitting from ‘admiring glances of approval‘.

7 – Detox or Cleansing for Weight  Loss

Another one of the many ways that you may be able to achieve fasts weight loss or rapid weight loss is with the use

ruby grapefruit for detoxing or cleansing the body
Grapefruit (esp pink or Ruby) are reknowned for cleansing the body

of a cleanse. These cleanses are commonly referred to as colon cleanses or weight loss cleanses.

Cleanses work by removing toxins and extra weight, actually waste, from your body. It has been said that most individuals have at least 7 or 8lbs of waste stored in their bodies.

A weight loss cleanse or a colon cleanse should help remove those toxins from your body. Should you decide to try a colon cleanse or a weight loss cleanse, to help you achieve a fast weight loss, it is important that you read all directions given to you. Some cleanses have a strict diet that you must follow.

For the fastest weight loss, you may want to examine natural cleanses. Mother nature has provided us with the means to cleanse our body’s – naturally – using antioxidants.

Avoid pill formats as they also include man-made chemicals to produce the pills. Natural cleanses often produce the quickest results….

……If you have been eating poorly for a number of years, you could potentially lose 4-6lbs in as little as 10 days.

A Cautionary Note:-

The above mentioned fast weight loss tips may help you achieve fast weight loss. While it is relatively ‘safe’ to lose as much as 1lb/day (providing adequate nutritional intake is satisfied), you should bear in mind your own body’s physiology…

….Losing 7lbs / week can be detrimental to health if you choose the wrong diet. The best regimes for fast weight loss involve a nutritionally complete (rich in antioxidants, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids) diet and short bursts of a high intensity workout.

High intensity workouts may cause joint damage. Cardio should be avoided at all costs when considering a weight loss program.

As a reminder, it is important to proceed with caution. While it is more than possible for you to achieve your fast weight loss goal, it can also be dangerous to you and your health.

Should you opt for a fast or rapid weight loss program, consult your physician or Doctor for their advice. Ensure it provides complete nutrition – starvation is NOT the answer.

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10 Secrets to Lose 10lb

  • Lose a Minimum of 10lbs
  • No ‘Fad Diet’ health issues
  • Scientifically proven methods
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11 Fat Loss Tips

11 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking to lose weight to improve your appearance, your health, or even both? If you are, you are probably looking for advice – good advice that is.

The good news is that there are a number of fat loss tips to help you successfully lose weight and achieve your weight loss goal.

From personal experience I can state that diet is the first thing to be looked at – and changed. Scientific research reveals a diet rich in antioxidants and essential minerals cleanses your body’s fat cells. This then allows increased energy transfer to the body and increases your metabolism. Higher metabolic rates have been proven to increase fat burning and ….weight loss. A good, clean diet from natural ingredients is the best place to start…

…..before you consider joining any exercise or workout regime.

  1. Numero Uno! – Eat Natural Healthy Foods

When it comes to losing weight, the best thing that you can do is eat healthy.

blueberries are a natural, healthy and beneficial fruit for weight loss
Fresh fruit forms a healthy, natural diet for weight loss.

Eating healthy involves watching the types foods that you eat, not necessarily how much food you eat. Of course, you may want to restrict the amount of foods that you eat, when on a diet, but it is more important to focus on the foods that you do eat.

For instance, if you were to eat fruit instead of chips, you could have more fruit snacks with your meals than you would be able to if you were just to eat junk food which are full of carbohydrates, artificial ingredients and preservatives.

2. Familiarise Yourself with Healthy Meals

Salmon Salad
Healthy meals like salmon salad are highly nutritious yet low in calories

Since eating healthy is an important component of losing weight, you may be wondering how you can go about doing so. One of the first things that you should do is find and familiarize yourself with healthy meals. You can do this by way of standard internet search or by buying a collection of healthy eating recipe books.

To reduce the boredom often associated with healthy eating, it is important that you try to not eat the same meals over and over again each week.

3.Increase Your Protein intake

High protein meal - salmon steak
High protein meals combine multiple benefits for weight loss

Protein is the No1 Fuel for your body. Not only does it fuel the body’s daily functions and build muscle, it also rebuilds the body on a cellular level. That is to say, protein has a regenerative effect on the body and can make you look years younger (one of the secrets of the celebrity diet regimes).

Additionally, excess protein is removed from the body on a daily basis. Carbohydrates on the other hand, are stored in the body for “future use” as fat deposits – typically around the abdominal area.

Over time, these fat cells convert to the “hard to lose” viceral fat around the organs thereby inducing a higher stress level. More on lean proteins.

4. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates (bread, flour, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, alcohol, etc) are limited in benefit to the human body. Only the naturally occuring carbohydrates (fruit sugars, naturally high cacao chocolate having over 73% cacao powder, rice and potatoes / root vegetables) have the necessary benefits.

Eliminate or reduce your intake of:- pastries, pasta, pizza, chips / fries, biscuits / cookies, cakes and soft drinks / sodas – even the zero calorie drinks.

5. Exercise Regularly

In connection with healthy eating, regular exercise is also important to weight loss. Effective exercise increases your metabolism helping you burn fat faster and more efficiently than dieting alone. Exercise is important as it not only burns off calories. When you burn calories, the amount of

dumbells- used for weight training, strength training, turbulence training, hiit, circuit training and bodybuilding
Dumbells. Used for strength training, bodybuilding, turbulence training, circuit training and crossfit

calories that your body absorbs decreases. Exercise consumes energy – typically fats from your stored fat cells, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids etc. Exercise also increases blood circulation and oxygenation of the body resulting in higher metabolic rates and fat burning.

If you haven’t been exercising regularly in the past, it is important that you take it steady. Exercise is a great way to lose weight, but you do not want to overdo it, especially at first. Effective fat burning exercise not only burns fat but also increases muscular composition through the ‘work done’ by the body.

It has been reported that for every pound of muscle you add to your body, your body uses up to 50 more calories/day while AT REST!

If you don’t currently have an exercise plan or program in place, you may be wondering more about what you can do. One of the many ways that you can go about finding exercises or workouts to do is by buying a collection of fitness magazines. Many fitness magazines have detailed exercises outlined
in them, often accompanied by pictures. Though the actual cost of this may outweigh the cost of an actual fat burning workout program

Note : not all exercises are created equal. For effective fat burning you need to look at a High Intensity Interval     Training. This form of exercise has been proven (by independent research institutes) to be The Most Efficient fat   burning exercise currently available. You can find a free instructional workout video here.

As a reminder, it is important to start out slow or at least start with exercises that would be easy for you to. More on fat burning exercises .

6. Find an Exercise or Workout Partner

workout with a partner for improved benefits
Workouts with a partner can have surprising benefits

Eating healthy and regular exercise are both important components of losing weight, but there are additional tips that you can use to help you lose weight.

One of those tips involves finding a workout partner or a workout buddy. This is a person who can exercise with you, whether your exercise involves visiting a local gym or just going for a walk at a local shopping center.

Having a workout partner may help to keep you motivated and it may help to keep exercising and losing weight fun and exciting for you.

If you workout with a partner, there is always the added bonus of ‘friendly competition’ as I discovered during my initial weight loss regime all those years ago. Keeping in pace (or exceeding their pace can be very productive for your fat loss workouts).

It is the intensity at which you work out that REALLY burns off the fat.

7. Spice Up Your Workouts

bodybuilder under stress loading
Bodybuilder in stress form workout. Holding loads under stress forces muscles to work harder and burn more fat.

Another way that you can go about successfully achieving your weight loss goal is by “spicing,” up your exercises.

You don’t need to attend a gym 3/4/ or 5 days per week, you can perform high intensity interval training workouts in your own home. This saves time, money (and possibly a bit of embarrassment).

To help reduce the boredom often associated with exercising you will want to change your exercises for variety and to prevent the dreaded ‘plateaus’. For instance, one day you may want to use body weight exercises, the next session you may want to lift weights / do strength training and so forth.

Continuing to repeat the same workout routine over 4 weeks can be counterproductive. This is usually when the dreaded plateaus come into play. Change your routine every 4 weeks.

8. Join a Mixed Sex Workout Group & Improve Your Animal Magnetism

Have you ever seen those commercials featuring a fit and healthy individual receiving approving ‘glances’ from a member of the opposite sex?

Well, there is a Very Good reason for that – our primal instinct to find a “fit and healthy” mate. One who has the natural ability to reproduce and create a healthy offspring. This is life at it’s core principle – survival of the species.

A healthy body is a signal that you are worthy of their attention (and perhaps partnering up with). Use this core principle to workout with your current partner if you have one. You may find it spices up other parts of your life.

Alternatively, join a mixed sex workout group. I have known women do this specifically to find a new boyfriend and it can be better than meeting down the local bar!!

9Log Your Exercises and Performance

You should also consider making exercise and healthy eating logs or journals for yourself. These items can
be used to track your progress. Some of the commercially available fat loss programs / workout programs contain workout specific logs or sheets included in the program.

If you have a good week, like one where you completed all of your exercises, you may want to think about rewarding yourself. Your reward doesn’t have to include food; it can be something as simple as a sticker or treating yourself to a movie.

Journals and logs have been known to help many individuals looking to lose weight and it may be able to do the same for you.

10. Stop the TV Dinners

TV dinners (those prepared commercially and home made) are not good for the body. Instead, discipline yourself (and your family) to eat around the dining table.

This act alone focuses the mind on eating. It can also increase your overall metabolism and improves social aspects of family life.

Sitting upright whilst eating also helps to prevent stomach gases from building through bad posture. This has the added benefit of actually improving muscular strength and definition throughout the body.

11. Join a Lifestyle Sport

fast and agile sports burn fat
Touchdown! Playing hard and fast sports require agility and bursts of speed. Great to burn fat

Sports, especially intensely active sports (football, martial arts, boxing, athletics), can be an excellent way to lose weight aswell as increase overall fitness.

Remember, though. There is little point in engaging in any exercise without improving your diet first.

Additionally, if you enjoy it, you will want to perform well. To do this you will need to increase your proportion of healthy muscle building fuel.

An increase in protein aswell as the beneficial fruit and vegetables will provide effective fuel and nutrients for your body to cope with the extra demands of the exercise / workout /sport.

Beware – not all sports / physical exercise / activity burns fat at the same rate. Remember, it is the intensity at which you exercise that burns the fat.

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Turbulence Training 4 Men – Review

Turbulence Training Fat Loss Program For Men – (My Review)

 – The Fat Loss Program that Promises Maximum Fat Loss in Minimum Workout Time

Turbulence Training promises fast fat loss results for men who don’t have a lot of time for exercise or even want to spend all their spare time exercising. This is a bold promise, and the workouts promise maximum results in Only 3 short workouts per week – primarily from the comfort of your own home.


Turbulence training bodyweight workout manual
Burn fat and build muscle    with the Turbulence              Training body weight             workout program

Let’s take a look at this claim for Maximum Fat Loss in Minimum Time, and see if it really measures up!

Before we get to the program, let’s take a look at the expert behind the workouts. I’ve come across Craig Ballantyne’s name many times in popular fitness magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, and even in Oxygen and Shape magazines.

With this level of authority and respect from such esteemed magazines, it is evident the program is put together by a trusted fitness expert.

I’ve also talked to Craig about his training and education background, and I’ll be honest, it was impressive. Unlike the trainers with weekend certificates that pop up at large commercial gyms, Craig’s experience goes back to the mid-nineties, in both the gym and in the research lab.

Furthermore, Craig has actually led research trials on sport supplements, strength training, and cardiovascular training.

[My own research into cardiovascular exercise, hiit and strength training from respected Universities in the UK, Europe and USA corroborate numerous findings Craig refers to. It was while I was doing my own research into fat burning exercises that I realised all the cardio I had done had caused scar tissue on my heart.]

Plus, Craig is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has worked with hundreds of clients in thousands of training sessions. This is a unique, and thorough background, so its not surprising he’s come up with a new training system for fat loss.


Craig and Traditional Cardio Exercises

Fat Burning workouts or exercises vary in effectiveness
Cardio Exercises – cycling being popular. Cardio is rarely effective at burning fat and can cause Serious Health Issues.

Not surprisingly, Craig’s articles are always pretty hard on traditional aerobic cardio workouts. His research into the effectiveness of traditional long, boring cardio type workouts proves it’s ineffectiveness.

My own independant research supports this claim – cardio has been proven to be ineffective at weight loss in 75% of cases.

So if you’re looking for new ways to spend 30 or 60-minutes doing cardio, then this program is not for you….

….but if you only have 45 minutes (or less) to workout, a couple of times per week, and you have access to only a bench, dumbells or kettlebells, and an exercise ball, then you’ll like what Craig has for you here. Craig even has effective workouts that don’t even require ANY equipment – his popular bodyweight workouts!



What is Turbulence Training?

The biggest question about the program is, “What is Turbulence Training?

Well, according to Craig, its the combination of resistance training and interval training used to boost your metabolism so that your body burns calories and fat between workouts.

He says: “Cardio doesn’t boost your metabolism after exercise”…

….a statement proven recently by scientists.

Only strength training and interval training do that – while you work, sleep, and eat – your body will be shedding fat.”

My research guides me to turbulence training being… “a developement from the high intensity interval training (hiit) workouts. These workouts have then been tuned physiologically to be effective fat burning exercises utilising multiple muscle groups simultaneously and vigorously to increase the body’s metabolism whilst toning and developing each muscle group”.

It is this combined approach of working multiple muscle groups vigorously that burns the fat fast. Indeed, in only 2 sessions you  will notice a substantial tightening of the abdomen and thighs and muscle growth in the pectoral region (chest, shoulders) and biceps.


Watch Craig’s Original 30 minute fat burning workout video :-

It may look like hard work, but the results Do come hard and fast! And you can start off slowly and build up your pace and intensity.


So Who is Turbulence Training For?

Craig’s unique system of bodyweight exercises, dumbbell / kettlebell exercises, and interval training can all be done

dumbells- used for weight training, strength training, turbulence training, hiit, circuit training and bodybuilding
Dumbells. Used for strength training, bodybuilding, turbulence training, circuit training and crossfit

at home.

  • No need for expensive gym memberships,
  • No inconvenient travel or schedules
  • Minimal equipment is required – body weight exercises use your own bodyweight,
  • Dumbells or kettlebells can be used along with an exercise ball at minimal cost to you. (Personally, I find kettlebells better value for money and flexibility in use)


So, if you are one of those people who loves machines, or cardio equipment, or marathon workouts, then this program is not for you.

Frankly, I’ve used the program myself and recommended it to many others. Why?

Firstly – because it plain and simply works!

I personally ran the Cardio route many years ago to my – regret! After  all those hard hours down the gym trying to burn fat whilst getting a little bit fitter, I now have a serious heart condition.

Research over the past couple of years has proven that cardio is ineffective at burning fat and can actually be detrimental to your health in many ways. Long, boring cardio is actually bad for you!!

American Football - Source of turbulence training workouts
American Football – Craig’s Origin for his body conditioning Turbulence Training Workouts

This research led me to high intensity interval training for fat loss performance and then to the original fat burning workout Craig initiated for his football coaching (the team he was coaching needed to get ‘lean and mean’ for the season – fast!) Footballers need strength and conditioning training aswell!

In fact, many endurance athletes use strength training to improve their cardio and muscular performance! As do Olympic athletes, and the vast majority of professional sportspeople.



Secondly, because no one has time for long workouts these days – I certainly don’t!

That’s why. As a full time carer for my partner, looking after and spending time with my 2 year old daughter, I just don’t have time to a 90 minute workout every day of the week ( I may do 3 x 30-40 mins/week).

In fact, I either get up early and do the workout, or I do it just before bed. This workout is perfect for busy men and women. But its not the type of routine that is going to turn anyone into a pro bodybuilder.

If you want maximum muscle and want to bulk up, Craig has other programs that specifically build muscle.

The Original Turbulence Training system is best for burning fat without sacrificing muscle. This way, you end up lean, defined, chiseled and toned. The use of these workouts will build muscle, but not the big muscles of bodybuilders!

And its fun! So many workouts are boring (i.e. long cardio) or repetitive (i.e. doing the same bodybuilding workout over and over again).

Turbulence Training uses a lot of unique (but not fluffy) exercises, including some cool, killer bodyweight moves that will make you more athletic and increase your functional and core strength – again, all with minimal equipment needs.

Whilst this may seem ‘advanced’, Craig’s simple Turbulence Training workout is so simple in it’s individual exercises that a complete novice could do them.

I am even able to recommend this program to friends who are just starting out, because Craig has put together

  • a 6-week introductory program,
  • a 4-week intermediate program in addition to the
  • 16-week advanced training phase

PLUS, the Turbulence Training program comes with a massive amount of bonus workouts for muscle building, bodyweight only, advanced fat loss, and even a female specific bonus.Turbulence training bodyweight workout manual

Each workout progresses into the next. He’s used all of these workouts with hundreds of clients – so they are safe and effective. Sure, you can get other programs that leave you exhausted, near dead or vomiting after the first workout, but Turbulence Training is not like that.

Soreness doesn’t matter, only results matter?

During my first turbulence training workout (and successive workouts), I never experienced any soreness. Aching thighs, shoulders and a tighter abdomen, yes.

And you are in expert hands with Turbulence Training, and Men’s Health expert, Craig Ballantyne. He also has, perhaps the most important element of weight loss)  – a highly effective support forum!

nutrition for fat loss ebook

Craig’s Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program also includes an ebook on Nutrition Guidelines from expert, Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D., and an extensive Q&A section, a 21-Healthy Habit Building Plan, plus the complete Turbulence Training workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced level individuals.

Users will also benefit from the Turbulence Training MP3 audio where Craig goes over the program, plus you can find every single exercise explained in detail, complete with photos.

Turbulence Training is NOT….

  • Long, slow cardio workouts
  • A machine-based exercise circuit
  • A bodybuilding program to gain bulk
  • A workout with lots of time-wasting isolation exercises
  • A restrictive eating plan (though an increase in protein intake would certainly help)
  • For those who don’t want fast and effective fat burning exercises and rapid body toning
  • For people with too much time on their hands and prefer to spend their life in the gym
  • For people who insist that machine based workouts are the ‘Holy Grail’ of workouts

Turbulence Training is perfect for busy men (and women) who want to burn fat in the comfort of their own homes without spending a lot of money on equipment or space on exercise machines (I do mine in the dining room needing only room to stand, spread your arms and a couple of floor exercises – that’s it!)

Oh, and you’ll actually have fun and you won’t “dread” these workouts – heck, they will be over before you know it – Craig has even developed workouts that can be done in as little as 7 minutes/day! They are easy to integrate into everyday life.



This may seem – inflammatory / defamatory to other programs, but…

……..if you were to review the types of exercise in other workout programs (typically within the last 5 to 10 years), you may notice a distinct similarity between their workouts and Craig’s Turbulence Training. Whilst Craig’s system was initiated in the 90’s and developed scientifically since, it does appear they have ‘copied’ Craig’s system. Have they done their own independant research? Have they actually initiated research into the the most effective fat burning exercises? Probably not.

 Are There any Faults with Turbulence Training?

Unfortunately, Yes. There are faults with turbulence training.

  • It does require hard work – burning fat requires hard and fast exercise using multiple groups of muscles.
  • It isn’t “mainstream” as such -yet (though many programs I have researched recently appear to be ‘copying’ Craig’s original work creating their own ‘unique’ slant on it) and you may get questionable looks if you talk to people about it, but they will definately want to know more once you’ve been through the workouts and got that slim, trim & muscular body.
  • You will need to make some committment to it for best results (but not as much as crossfit, cardio etc and you won’t get Sgt. Major ButtKick Shouting at you either!)
  • You may not lose as much weight as you expect – part of the benefit(s) of Turbulence Training is that the workouts actually generate a substantial amount of muscular growth. It forces the muscles to work hard creating a higher metabolism and the fat burning effects. A portion of the excess body fat is used as energy through these workouts to build the muscle mass with the remaining excess fat being burned off.

If you’re in the slightest bit curious, I recommend you look closely at Craig’s program. I was very impressed with all of the Turbulence Training workouts, the bonuses, the guarantee, and Craig’s expertise.

For the money, it’s the best deal in the fitness and fat loss industry – so much better than cardio, cycling, walking, diet pills, faster than running, more efficient than crossfit or circuit training and less embarrassing than pedaling away in the gym like a whale on a push bike…..


My Personal Experience of Turbulence Training.

“My first experience of Turbulence Training was via the Fat Burning Workout. In this detailed instructional workout, Craig basically takes you by the hand and walks you through the individual exercises in each level – from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

The images are clear, the exercises are simple in structure and execution. I did’t have (or buy) ANY of the equipment used, neither did I attend a gym for access to these items. However, as Craig demonstrates (and with a little imagination) – they are not essential purchases….

….you can substitute the Dumbbells with 2 carrier bags of shopping – [3Kg Flour + 2 kg sugar in each carrier bag = 5kg/bag totaling 10kg]. Simple and inexpensive alternative to purchasing dumbells for the bicep exercises if you’re on a budget or just want to test it out.

For the Prisoner Squats (these are awesome and have a multitude of side benefits). You should start unladen. Then, once you have become accustomed to the effort of 30 reps, load a backpack with extra weight (5, 10 or 15 kg), place it on your back and you have an extra workload to burn the fat faster while improving overall body conditioning.

I used my rather heavy camera bag weighing in at around 14kg to great effect. This practice can also be applied to the push-ups which further demonstrates how simple the turbulence training for fat loss workout can be. It is my “go to” workout for burning excess fat and building muscle / tone.

Phil. (Founder Owner of Fat Loss Quest.co.uk)


And remember…it’s guaranteed!

 Turbulence Training is backed by an 8-week money back guarantee.

And this is a real guarantee… if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back, no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” So you really have nothing to lose.

Hey, if I could show you how you could lose 10lb in 21 days using Turbulence Training (a totally realistic goal) would you be interested?

Do you want to be….

  • 10lb lighter? (More if you work hard at it!)
  • Toned with real muscular developement instead of soft / fatty muscles so many body builders have?
  • Losing that developing waistline podge?
  • Brimming in confidence with your new slim and trim body of Adonis?
  • Getting those sideward glances of ‘admiration‘ from the ladies!
  • Getting it on with the ladies? (It can, as I discovered-it’s those squats that do the trick!)
  • Respected and impress your mates!
  • Confident?
  • Full of self esteem?

With Turbulence Training, 21 Days is all it can take!

Me? I know it’s worth it. I have looked elsewhere and nothing compares to turbulence training for the sheer speed at which it –

  • Melts away the body fat
  • Shrinks your belly fat to reveal those abs you always wanted (not to mention the ladies)
  • Tones up your whole body
  • AND builds muscular tone and definition.

All in 3 weeks! 21 Days of fat busting, muscle gaining, confidence building, women attracting, workouts!

That is why I highly recommend you try Turbulence Training

Normally $99, You can get it here for a Special Discount :- Only $27

But, before you jump in at the deep end. Let me offer you some more information (and an Extra Bonus) :-

free fat burning turbulence training workouts ebook
Free – Sample Fat Burning Exercise workout

  • Greater Knowledge of Turbulence Training and what it can do for you
  • Craig’s own Test Drive for you – the Sample Fat Burning Workout Report. This report / workout guide is full of instructional guidance with explanations and photos.
  • Comes Complete with a full workout plan to print off and work to.
  • Try – before you Buy!
  • And – An Extra Special Discount. Request your FREE Sample Turbulence Training workout guide and receive a Free Link to Try Turbulence Training for 3 weeks for Just $4;95
  • Free Fat Burning Workout Guide (Yours to Keep) + 3 Weeks Trial Offer…..



Circuit Training for Fat Loss

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high intensity aerobic exercises. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. One exercise circuit consists of one set of routines of prescribed exercises.

As one circuit is complete another circuit is started. Circuits typically work one section of the body.

Typical Circuit Training Exercises

  • Upper Body: Squat-ups, Bench dips,back extensions, medicine ball chest pass, bench lifts, inclined press-ups.
  • Core & Trunk Sections: Sit-ups, stomach crunch, back extensions and chest raise
  • Lower Body: Squat jumps, stomach crunch, back extensions and chest raise
  • Total Body : Burpees, treadmills, squat thrusts, skipping and jogging

You will notice, typical circuit training (whilst energetic, intense and demanding) includes cardio exercises (treadmills,skipping and jogging). These are not good fat burning exercises (see Cardio Exercises)

A Fat Burning Circuit Training Routine would be –

  • Squat-ups
  • Bench Dips
  • Bench Lifts
  • Inclined Press-ups
  • Squat Jumps & Compass Jumps
  • Bench squats
  • Burpees
  • Squat Thrusts
  • Skipping (for mild cardio exercise and to tune in the whole body)

[Sit-ups, stomach crunches, step-ups, shuttle runs, hopping shuttles, skipping, treadmills & jogging are more cardiovascular & are therefore ineffective as fat burners (under normal conditions) and should be limited in use in a fat burning workout.]

The Effects of Circuit Training

“Research at the Baylor University and the Cooper Institute reveals circuit training is the most time efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Studies revealed circuit training helps women to achieve their goals (?) and maintain them for longer periods than other forms of exercise or diet.”

Source:Wikipedia / Circuit Training

In an article from the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine:-

“Interval and Circuit Weight Training are popular training methods for maximising time efficiency, and are purported to deliver greater physiological benefits faster than traditional training methods. Adding interval training into a circuit weight-training workout may further enhance the benefits of circuit weight training by placing increasing demands upon the cardiovascular system”

Key Points Noted from Study:-

  • Combining circuit weight training with interval training requires people to exercise at a higher intensity.
  • The moderately trained can obtain fitness benefits from including interval training as part of a circuit weight-training protocol.
  • Merging circuit-weight training with interval training may be a desirable option for those with limited time to exercise.

Well organised programs that promote time efficiency are integral to those working with clients where time is limited. and traditional training methods frequently require long periods of training to achieve desired goals.

Exercise professionals aspire to obtain maximal results in minimal time; therefore, they continually seek training methods and protocols that will achieve set training goals in less training time.

A training program that meets the goals of performance or health based fitness over a shorter period is desirable for those wishing to achieve a higher fitness level quickly.

Such a trend has become evident by the increased popularity and marketing of particular formulated training programs like CrossFit, P90x and Insanity.

While programs such as the aforementioned are becoming more widespread, they have been relatively understudied. A common thread among them is the use of interval training in addition to or in place of more traditional aerobic training, thereby permitting greater energy expenditure and more work accomplished in a shorter time period over a single exercise session.

Such training programs also adhere to the basic overload principle of training, wherein”plateaus” that might have been reached in traditional aerobic training are overcome by increasing the intensity of the work performed, thus resulting in improved cardiovascular and muscular adaptations to training.”

Hopefully, you will have noticed 2 common themes in this study – Intensity and Interval training! Combine intensity with interval training and you arrive at – High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T).

It is the intensity of the multi-muscular workload during a single exercise that burns fat. All the exercises mentioned above (apart from those cardio exercises itemised) utilise multiple muscle groups in one single exercise.

It is from studies in this form of exercise that a fine tuned, fat burning workout had already been created. A fat burning workout so potent, you could burn fat 24/7 in as little as 10 minutes per day –

A Fat Burning Workout:-

  • Created through Scientific research
  • Proven in the field of sports science AND weight loss trials
  • Increases your Metabolism by up to 450%!!
  • Guaranteed to work (it has worked for 000’s from Celebrities to Extremely Obese People)
  • Can be done at Home with NO Expensive Gym Equipment or Membership.
  • Fits around your hectic lifestyle – workout any time of day.
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds muscle tone whilst burning fat!!
  • Achieves that chiseled, statuesque figure you’ve only ever dreamed of!
  • Works for both men and Women
  • Works for Beginners aswell as the more experienced……

Now is Your Turn to

DISCOVER the Fat Loss Workout that Beats ALL  Fat Loss Workouts – 

Turbulence Training for Women – Review

What is Turbulence Training for Women?

Turbulence training for women fat loss programs

Turbulence training for women by Craig Ballantyne is a specialised fat burning workout geared towards the unique physiology and metabolism of women. Using simple exercises you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home or at the gym, turbulence training for women offers a comprehensive fat loss program to combat:

  • Body fat
  • Belly fat
  • Cellulite

Many of the exercises are body-weight based requiring little or no gym equipment and does not require any long boring cardio that has been proven to actually cause weight gain.

What are the Benefits of Turbulence Training for Women?Turbulence training for women - Booty for Wife ebook

Where many fat loss workouts and programs are physiologically geared towards men, turbulence training for women is actually geared towards the female physiology and metabolism and reflects the hormonal differences between men and women. Turbulence training for women:-

  • Increases thigh and calf definition and eliminates cellulite
  • Burns belly fat and eliminates that ‘muffin top’ look
  • Developes the pectoral (bust and shoulder muscles) into a more defined female form
  • Tones up the butt into a smooth and pert bottom – no more wrinkles or cellulite on the bum

The program reflects on the requirements for women to develope a slim and toned physique without gaining those large masculine muscles prominent with the male version.

Who is “Turbulence Training” For?turbulence training 4wk body sculpting for women

Turbulence Training for women is for those who want to lose fat fast and gain that slim, toned body without the embarrassment, fear, costs or constraints of going to a gym.

It is particularly suitable for any age from 18-50+ though care may be required outside these ages.

The workouts have been developed (through scientific research and ‘field trials’) to provide a highly effective fat burning workout for people who:-

  • don’t have time for long boring sessions at the gym
  • want to burn fat fast at home
  • want the freedom to workout where and whenever they choose
  • want to lose weight without the constraints of difficult or radical and impractical diets

Pros and Cons of Turbulence Training

Turbulence training, whilst being a very effective fat burner, is an intense workout for the whole body. Whilst the exercises are simple in themselves, it is the speed and intensity of the multiple muscle group workout that raises the metabolic rate to increase the fat burning capabilities.

Whilst mature people can perform the exercises competently, some may find the exercises a bit too – rigorous on the joints. That said, it is within reason to build up slowly to strengthen the joints and benefit from it’s uniqueness in it’s fat burning potential.

It is advised to spend 5 – 7 mins/day gradually building the strength than 30+ minutes of long, boring and arduous cardio exercise which can be more harmful to your overall health.

The fat burning workouts can be performed in 3x 30-45 minute sessions / week. Though there are shorter workouts available, the main workouts are 30 minutes long.

How Much Does Turbulence Training for Women Cost?

On a cost basis – it does not require you to spend hour upon hour every week at the gym with all the cost and time implications. The cost for a trial package ($4:95) is less than a couple of coffees in your local cafe!

The low cost trial period alone enables you to have lost 10lbs and feel 10 times the person you feel now let alone look 10x fitter!!

Turbulence Training for Women – Is It For You?

Turbulence training is for you, if you want to :-

  • Lose weight fast
  • Eliminate thigh and hip cellulite
  • Turn a ‘Cauliflower butt’ into a cute and pert bottom
  • Look and Feel Great after the workouts
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Fit back into those slinky clothes and bikinis in a very short space of time
  • Exercise hard for a few minutes a day
  • Lose weight fast and keep it off with an effective fat burning routine and diet!



Whilst turbulence training has helped thousands of like-minded people in the past (including actors / actresses and models), here are just a couple of the many positive turbulence training reviews:-

While looking for a new fat burning workout, I stumbled across a program promising better fat loss results in half the time. Frankly, it sounded too good to be true, but with life seemingly moving at a faster pace these days, leaving me with little time to hit the gym, I decided this new program – Turbulence Training for Women – was worth a shot.

If you aren’t yet familiar with “TT”, as it’s commonly referred to by its ever-growing fanturbulence training body sculpting for women program base, this is a workout program in which you ditch the time-consuming and ineffective cardio sessions and replace it with 3 short-burst fat burning workouts that combine both resistance training and superior interval training.

The results are a leaner, sexier, feminine-looking physique, with less time spent in the gym away from your family and friends. So let’s have a look at what my experience was with TT for women.

To start out, the Turbulence Training program offers a convenient and economically-friendly $4.95 21-day trial (after which you are billed the remaining $35), but I decided to follow the program for the full 4 weeks to really measure its effectiveness.

My first concern was that the workouts would be either too easy or too difficult, but after quickly reviewing the TT program I knew that wouldn’t be a problem!

Not only is this program packed with workouts to keep even gym fanatics busy for a long time, but the TT Fat Loss program has workouts that allow beginners to naturally progress without over-doing themselves.

My next biggest concern was that these workouts would turn me into the next He-man. Let’s face it, we want fat loss, but if it’s going to make us big and bulky, then forget it.

Fortunately, the combination of bodyweight exercises, traditional dumbbell exercises, and interval training made my body smaller and firmer, not big and bulky. After 4 weeks, there was definitely no threat of me entering the next bodybuilding competition, but my arms, abs and hips had noticeably toned up and my stomach was flatter than it had been in years.

And I can’t forget to mention the interval training portion of the workouts either. These short burst training sessions will challenge you mentally and physically, but they are so quick and the natural exercise high you feel after completing one of these sessions simply does not compare to anything else.

I refuse to spend 30-45 minutes wasting my time running on the treadmill anymore without getting any results. I’ve said “NO” to boring cardio for good.

Other Cool Features:

These workouts offer a lot of variety in the exercises to keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated.

The program offers exercise photos along with the accompanying descriptions.

When you purchase the program, you get a free 3-month membership to the Turbulence Training fat loss forum where you can get professional advice directly from the author, Craig Ballantyne, as well as social support from other women all over the world – just like you. This forum is priceless – and you get it free with Turbulence Training.


I didn’t have many concerns with this program. In fact, the only thing I can really think that could be improved is a more convenient travel program. The manual is quite cumbersome, and would involve printing off a large number of pages. However, all I did was write down my workout in a little booklet, double check to ensure I knew how to do the exercises correctly and head off to the gym.

So, for $4.95 and a 21-day trial, Turbulence Training for Women is an excellent investment and I highly recommend you give it a try if you’re looking to tone your body up in just a few weeks with short, burst workouts.

Hannah’s Story – Turbulence Training Review

I’ve known Phil for a number of years now and have always been impressed at his level of fitness and how he keeps himself fit and toned. Being twice my age he has certainly left a mark on me with his healthy eating and fitness protocols.
After the birth of our daughter, I realised I needed to lose some weight (lose the tummy fat) and get fit. Watching him do his exercises made me realise how simple it was to lose weight by burning fat with specialist fat burning exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home (I was self conscious of my figure and wanted to do something about it in the privacy of my home).

Phil showed me how easy the exercises were and decided to give them a try – he had

already shown me the benefits of a good clean diet (my glucose or blood sugar levels were the best they have been in years) so I was confident about his knowledge and had no worries about trying out this fat burning exercise routine.

We started with a simple exercise that anyone can do – and then progressed onto more exercises. After only 2 short sessions on successive days, I felt my tummy getting tighter, my arms toning up (I could actually see my muscles building) and my thighs were tightening up. I was IMPRESSED!!!!

To say I had never done any exercises in my life, I was impressed at how simple it was to
-lose weight
-lose my belly fat
-tone up
-gain confidence
all at the same time using simple exercises most people wouldn’t look twice at.

From my experience, I would highly recommend you try this. There is no fancy equipment to use (I actually borrowed Phil’s camera case full of old gear for one exercise) and can be done at your own pace and in your time whilst eating a ‘regular’ diet.

Unfortunately, I had to stop after a couple of days due to an industrial spinal injury playing up.

Turbulence Training for Women F.A.Q

Q. How do I get the Turbulence Training for Women Package?

A. You can access the whole system direct from the creator – Craig Ballantyne at the link below.

Start Your Fat Loss Routine with the 21 Day Trial Today