Fast Weight Loss Tips

7 Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Fast weight loss can be achieved without starvation. A truly effective fast weight loss plan uses natural foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids to work harmoniously together to lose weight fast without starving.

If  you want fast weight loss, be sure to use a plan that is nutritionally complete…..

…….Many fast weight loss plans focus more on ‘starvation’ than truly effective, natural methods of weight loss. Fast weight loss can be very usefull if you want to lose weight fast for :-

  • A holiday
  • Health improvements
  • Pre -pregnancy weight loss
  • Preventing the onslaught of diabetes
  • Improving your figure and looks
  • Special Occasions, Summer, Parties etc
  • Promotion at work!

It is advised that you do not rely heavily on fast weight loss, also commonly referred to as rapid weight loss. Certain fast weight loss diets can cause detrimental side effects. Always check the nutritional completeness of any weight loss plan..

If you are interested in losing weight, as quickly as possible, you will want to read these fast weight loss tips .

1 – Clean up Your Diet

fresh fat burning fruits - a great detox
fresh fat burning fruits also help to detox your body

Changing your diet to clean natural foods will cause your digestive system to start purging the unwanted processing chemicals from your body.

Additionally, changing your diet to incorporate more of the fat burning foods will accelerate this cleanse and initiate a reboot of your body’s metabolism (esp if combined with an effective and synergistic fat loss program / workout).

To improve your energy consumption replace most of your carbohydrates with lean protein as excess protein is expelled from the body on a daily basis unlike carbohydrates which become stored as fat deposits (typically in the abdominal area).

2 – Reduce Food Intake

small meals force weight loss
Reducing your portion size can cause weight loss – and starvation.

One of the many ways that you can go about achieving fast weight loss is by reducing (and replacing) the type of foods that you eat – ie bread, pasta, pastries, pies, pizza’s, snacks, treats, burgers etc.

Exchange this man made, carbohydrate rich food for a healthier meal rich in natural carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids and you will not only save calories but actually be able to eat more!

When reducing your food consumption, it is important that you maintain sufficient energy and nutritional intake, ie proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

[Note: Continual portion reductions also have an additional side effect – stomach shrinkage. This will naturally prevent you from eating large meals again resulting in that permanent weight loss.]

Unfortunately, many individuals who want to achieve fast weight loss think that they need to stop eating altogether, even if it is for two or three days – also known as fasting.

Whilst fasting is an integral part of some cultures, there is little evidence to support that it actually supports effective or healthy weight loss. Fasting can be useful but must be undertaken with care. Whilst I myself have ‘fasted’ for short periods, the loss of nutrition was  – insignificant and was replaced shortly after. As fasting can be stressful for your body, it should be done at a time when your stress levels will be at their lowest. This prevents inadvertently causing a rise in the stress hormone cortisol – known for causing weight gain in stressful times.

It is also important to mention that starving yourself for long periods of time is dangerous to your health.

The human body is silently programmed for survival above all else. To ensure this event happens it will, if necessary, consume energy from it’s own organs – muscle first, then liver, kidneys etc leading to long term or permanent damage / organ failure. Ultimately this can lead to a fatal collapse of one or more organs.

3 – Preventing Rebound Weight Gain

Once you resume eating normally, it is possible you could gain all of your weight back, almost automatically.
This is typically referred to as rebound weight gain. Rebound weight gain is usually caused through a rapid weight loss followed by a “return to old habits”. This  “return to old habits” is caused by the fast weight loss program NOT instilling permanent weight loss techniques into your eating habits.

Prevent rebound weight gain by changing your diet to a healthy diet with smaller portions you can live with – permanently. This will aid against rebound weight gain.

Maintaining smaller portion sizes will permit your stomach to return to it’s ‘natural’ size preventing you from consuming those large portions you may have been used to leading to permanent weight loss and improved figure.

4 – Dump the Junk Food    

Burger - victim of our fast food obsession
Burgers – probably one of our biggest causes of obesity.

For fast weight loss, you will want to completely eliminate junk food from your diet, even if it is only for a short period of time.

This means that if you want a snack, you should grab an apple, orange or any of the other fat burning fruits / vegetables.

With candy and other sweets being high in calories (not to mention the diabetes inducing sugars), you may see a significant decrease in your calorie consumption by eliminating them from your diet.

5 – Exercise for Fast Weight Loss

Exercise is another way that you can go about achieving fast weight loss.

dumbells- used for weight training, strength training, turbulence training, hiit, circuit training and bodybuilding
Dumbells. Used for strength training, bodybuilding, turbulence training, circuit training and crossfit

However, not all exercises are effective at burning fat. For effective fat burning you need a high intensity interval  training workout (hiit). An effective workout can BURN 450% more fat than traditional long, slow and boring cardio!

Exercise will also require a proportionately higher (and beneficial) protein intake to cope with the extra energy consumed. Protein builds muscle aswell as regenerating the body on a cellular level.

With exercise, you may not notice a significant weight loss right away. A portion of the fat you are trying to burn off will be used as fuel and converted into muscle. For instance, it typically took most individuals at least a week or two to notice an improvement in their appearance with the use of traditional exercise. With hiit, body composition changes can be evident after 3 short 45min sessions.

Fat Loss workouts have evolved to be highly efficient at burning fat with results being seen in a week or less depending upon the intensity at which you exercise, frequency of workout and the actual workout you use.
With that in mind, the more overweight you are, the sooner you may see a decrease in your weight, often quickly.

6 – Exercise to Burn Fat at Rest

In keeping with exercise to lose weight, exercise is important to losing weight, as it helps to control your calorie

bodybuilder under stress loading
Bodybuilder using resistance training to build muscle. Holding loads under stress forces muscles to work harder and burn more fat.

intake, burns fat faster and increases your metabolism. When you burn off calories, with the use of exercise, your body needs a protein rich source of nutrition. Protein is used by the body to build cells (ie. muscles) and re-build cells after damage.

This is what makes it possible for you to lose weight. Additionally, hard workouts also build muscle aswell as burning fat. Hard, intense exercise causes the body to consume calories even at rest. This is due (in part) to the newly built muscles burning extra calories.

Although your first thought may be to start exercising as much as possible right away, Stop!

You may want to refrain from going ‘all-out’ with exercise, especially if you aren’t usually physically active. It is best to start out slow and build up your physical strength. This should significantly reduce your risk of injuries.

Workout to Look Younger? Here are Some Additional Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps to increase the flow of essential oxygen throughout the body. Increasing the flow of oxygen throughout your body also increases the amount of oxygen reaching your skin – essential for looking younger! Working out also improves your body composition and tones up ALL muscles including the glutes…..

….Correct exercise  tightens up your butt!   

The workout exercises you choose will have an impact on your buttocks. Squats ( and related exercises) will exercise your glutes more, tightening them up whilst also burning off any excess fat. These exercises work for both men and women. Both sexes benefitting from ‘admiring glances of approval‘.

7 – Detox or Cleansing for Weight  Loss

Another one of the many ways that you may be able to achieve fasts weight loss or rapid weight loss is with the use

ruby grapefruit for detoxing or cleansing the body
Grapefruit (esp pink or Ruby) are reknowned for cleansing the body

of a cleanse. These cleanses are commonly referred to as colon cleanses or weight loss cleanses.

Cleanses work by removing toxins and extra weight, actually waste, from your body. It has been said that most individuals have at least 7 or 8lbs of waste stored in their bodies.

A weight loss cleanse or a colon cleanse should help remove those toxins from your body. Should you decide to try a colon cleanse or a weight loss cleanse, to help you achieve a fast weight loss, it is important that you read all directions given to you. Some cleanses have a strict diet that you must follow.

For the fastest weight loss, you may want to examine natural cleanses. Mother nature has provided us with the means to cleanse our body’s – naturally – using antioxidants.

Avoid pill formats as they also include man-made chemicals to produce the pills. Natural cleanses often produce the quickest results….

……If you have been eating poorly for a number of years, you could potentially lose 4-6lbs in as little as 10 days.

A Cautionary Note:-

The above mentioned fast weight loss tips may help you achieve fast weight loss. While it is relatively ‘safe’ to lose as much as 1lb/day (providing adequate nutritional intake is satisfied), you should bear in mind your own body’s physiology…

….Losing 7lbs / week can be detrimental to health if you choose the wrong diet. The best regimes for fast weight loss involve a nutritionally complete (rich in antioxidants, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids) diet and short bursts of a high intensity workout.

High intensity workouts may cause joint damage. Cardio should be avoided at all costs when considering a weight loss program.

As a reminder, it is important to proceed with caution. While it is more than possible for you to achieve your fast weight loss goal, it can also be dangerous to you and your health.

Should you opt for a fast or rapid weight loss program, consult your physician or Doctor for their advice. Ensure it provides complete nutrition – starvation is NOT the answer.

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