FAQ – How Do I Lose Weight and Keep it Off

How do I Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

How to lose weight and keep it off – for good. Here are a few questions raised on the subject of weight loss together with an abbreviated answer. For in-depth answers, please visit the relevent post(s) indicated towards the end of each answer.

Q. “How do I lose weight?”

A.  Thousands of people each and every month ask the question – “how do I lose weight?” Weight loss is acheived by several factors – a clean, nutritious diet and effective fat burning exercise being the two main methods. However, if your surplus weight is ‘settled’ then you need to look very closely at your diet / exercsie regime. Changing your exercise workouts every 4 weeks is a good idea to stop this ‘plateux’ effect. Principally, weight loss will be achieved after your daily energy expended is  consistently greater than your food intake in terms of calories. There are other issues to consider here and these will be discussed in the full post – “how to lose weight fast“.

Q. “How can I lose belly fat?”

A.  If you are looking to lose your belly fat (as I did), you will be looking at similar principles as listed above as excess weight is typically gained on the abdomen first. Losing abdominal fat may require a detox to cleanse the body of its unwanted toxins causing the body to hold the fat in the abdominal region in the first place. This would then be followed with a fat burning diet and fat burning exercises. More information in the section how to lose belly fat. First though, try How do I lose weight and keep it off??

Q. “How do you burn fat?”

A.  Whilst diet and exercise are generally good, there are specific requirements / methods /  regimes to burn fat. Fat burning exercises can be  low or high intensity. A fat burning diet should also be incorporated in any weight loss program to speed up the process.  Fat burning weight loss programs available through nutritionists and personal trainers are typically designed to be synergistic in nature – the diet and exercise regimes compliment each other in their nutritional balance enhancing (and boosting) the body’s natural metabolism.

Q. “What foods burn fat?”

A.  Fat burning foods are typically low in sugars, fats, soy products etc. However, we need to look deeper into the nature of each compound to ascertain its fat burning capabilities when in conjunction with other forms of nutrition. Lean proteins, carbs & wholegrains, cruciferous vegetables, fruits and a selection of beneficial and healthy fats are high on the list of fat burning foods.

Q.  “What exercises burn the most fat?”

A.  While there are numerous exercises that burn fat (cardio, low intensity interval training, high intensity interval training, turbulence training, metabolic resistance training, weight training, circuit training etc there are only a few fat burning exercises that are truly efficient and effective :- turbulence training and high intensity interval training. Learn more in fat burning exercises.


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