Cardio Kills Your Weight Loss

The Hidden Truth about Cardio and Weight Loss

When confronted with the need to lose weight, you may ask “how much cardio should i do to lose weight?

Many people turn to a cardio exercise ie jogging, running, rowing, gym sessions on the treadmills etc. Many are still referred to cardio by a friend or their GP / Healthcare professional.

cardio cycling exercises in a gym

But, in reality, cardio has been proven to be ineffecive at burning fat in 75% of cases. In order to lose weight / burn fat we need to work multiple groups of muscle simultaneously. Cardio and Weight Loss Do Not go together!

If you have tried and failed at weight loss previously or are continually struggling to lose any viable (certainly long term) weight loss, you need to reconsider your options. To break through any plateaus and give ourselves a half decent chance of losing the fat you need to re-activate and boost your metabolism.

Whilst you may be aware of this fact, you really need to be aware of the ‘surrounding’ facts! You know you need to boost your metabolism, but how can you boost your metabolism if you don’t know what controls it?

The answer to that question is – your Thyroid gland!

The thyroid gland (located in your neck) generates a hormone called T3. Now, when the thyroid gland is fully functional it creates sufficient T3  to be dispersed throughout the cells in the body telling them to produce energy and stimulate growth (typically muscular growth).

A recent study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that 20 weeks of daily cardio among women led to a significant decrease in T3 production. This dangerous drop in T3 production is the body’s method of self preservation – protection against long bouts of excess stress placed on the body. The result is a slow sluggish thyroid reducing the body’s metabolism and burning fewer calories.

The energy we need to lead a healthy life – diminished!

Cardio Raises Your Fat Storing Stress Hormones

Additionally, this excess stress placed on the body by the long cardio routines causes another hormone to come into play – Cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone known to be generated when the body is under stress and deposits fat reserves in the abdominal area.

Concurring this knowledge, another study from the International Journal of Obesity found that runners who consistently run for longer distances over a 9 year period had larger waistlines than those who ran less or not at all!

Another study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology revealed too much cardio increases Cortisol and that excess cortisol is not only undesirable but also sabotages your fat loss efforts as it forces your body to store belly fat. In addition to the fat deposits in the abdomen, high cortisol levels have also been associated with muscle loss.

The result of all those long hours of Cardio?

  • Damage to your thyroid
  • Causes a reduction in beneficial T3 hormone from your thyroid
  • Extinguishes your body’s natural energy creation
  • Reduced Metabolism
  • Reduced natural fat burning resources
  • Increases Cortisol
  • Causes Weight GAIN!

A study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, showed long duration cardio workouts actually decrease growth hormone, further disrupting your muscular and metabolic developement. With this reduced growth hormone comes a natural reduction in muscular growth and accelerates ageing.

Cardio Damages Your Cardiac Muscle!

Cardio (formerly known as aerobic exercise) has yet another dark side –

Created by a Doctor to stimulate “overall body health” in the fight against the projected rise in obesity, cardio was (and still is) the ‘staple’ exercise flouted by medical professionals faced with increasing numbers of obese patients. Unfortunately, this new epidemic of cardio exercise was to prove counter-productive.

In a recent University study, excess cardio has been proven to be damaging to the heart (the very organ it was designed to protect). It causes SCAR tissue on your heart.

Heart Failure Signs

Now, I don’t know if you have ever experienced scar tissue, either form a cut or a burn, but if you have you will probably have noticed the scar tissue does not stretch as much as normal, healthy skin tissue. Now imagine this ‘solid’ vein of tissue around your heart causing a  ‘constriction’ on your heart – the one primary organ that can fail when under excess constriction.

[Note of Interest: The very Doctor who invented ‘Cardio’ actually died of a heart attack upon completing a marathon]

This constriction (if not severe enough for a heart attack) causes reduced movement in the heart, reducing it’s pumping action of blood around the body giving rise to –

  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Reduction in oxygen supply to the brain
  • Disrupts cognitive abilities
  • Prevents previous levels of activity
  • Liability to further cardiac damage / inflammation potentially causing pericardial inflammation / pleurosy.

I LIVED this nightmare. Recently waking up at 3am with intense un-resolving pain in my chest. Expecting it to be chronic heartburn I dosed up with bicarbonate of soda in warm water. No relief. Twice again with increasing doses. No relief! By 9am that morning I was being driven to hospital by paramedics fearing the worst. Innumerous tests later the cardio specialist decided it was a heart problem caused by an infection in the cavity surrounding the heart – pericardial inflammation.  I still suffer the consequences of ‘excess cardio’ in the vain attempt at burning excess belly fat. I have pericardial inflammation – repeatedly and it is disturbingly debilitating. You worry if you’ll manage to carry the shopping, climb the stairs, even go to work, manage daily stresses or even walk the dog! Sat here, right now writing this article I can feel the inflammation in my chest, constricting every movement for breath.

Hopefully, I will have answered the question “how much cardio should i do to lose weight?”

Will you continue with the ineffective and hazardous cardio exercise for weight loss?

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