About Fat Loss Quest

About Fat Loss Quest

In the midst of modern day excesses (in some cases gluttony from the consumer) and the insatiable demands by corporate food manufacturers for profit upon profit – the world is in dire need of restraint and remedial action. Remedial action on the part of the consumer who has (in most cases) unwittingly fallen into the ‘rat trap’ of mass food production – specifically processed foods and oils created from plants we were not supposed to touch!


Knowledge through Fat Loss Experience

Following my own experiences in gaining weight and the inherent difficulties in losing said weight (I enjoyed the odd burger, pint or three of beer, bread, pasta, pastries and pasties, sugary treats – not to mention sugar in my daily 10 cups of coffee!!) and with having a positive influence on my partners diabetes, I decided it was time to – Blow the lid on the many issues surrounding weight gain and more importantly –  weight loss!

‘Blowing the lid’ though would not be sufficient! People need HONEST advice – a somewhat lacking resource these days. To that end, I had already proven to my partners medical consultant that my knowledge and experience had come in useful in reducing her HBA1C (diabetic blood sugar level control indicator) to below 50 (less than half it’s previous values!! Not forgetting my own weight loss which the consultant was suitably ‘impressed‘ at and being the ever investigative self I am – I went to work.

Researching the Truth about Food, Nutrition AND Weight Loss

With a myriad of false or overhyped promises on weight loss issues, delving into resources you wouldn’t expect (some of our fat loss program creators themselves had a tough time in gaining this information – even to the extent of badgering research institutes and working with Universities themselves in order to gain the actual truth from experiments and field trials), the truth must come out. I wanted the truth. You need the truth in order to fulfill your goals of weight loss. Manufacturers, on the other hand, do NOT want you to know the Whole Truth – it would be damaging for their business and their PROFITS.

Hence Fat Loss Quest was created. To provide the truth about:-

  • The causes of weight gain from a food manufacturing perspective
  • How our nutrition affects our weight
  • The Nutrition we actually need to live a healthy life
  • The exercises we need to  effectively burn our excess fat
  • How to Actually Lose Weight and Keep it off – permanently
  • What actually constitutes a healthy, daily diet you can live on – for life!

Needless to say, this covers a great deal of information being collated and put together in a way you understand, not to mention research into the realities of nutrition and fat burning exercises including evaluating which ones work best from the myriad of choices. With the vast array of research involved, Fat Loss Quest will evolve in depth and breadth of information available to you. Consequently, the individual sections may appear ‘a tad thin‘ initially. This will change as we strive to become a worldwide authority on the subject. “From Little Acorns…..”


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